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  1. Hakaan256

    Introducing Our 14.5 Mod Update

    Very nice, but I would have liked to see the ability to change rank of a mod on a per-weapon basis. For example if I want a rank 10 heavy caliber on the synapse for max damage, all I do is equip it as is (assuming it's already rank 10). But if I want more accuracy for paris prime, I may only want a rank 5 heavy caliber and I'd be able to use the same mod, just lower the rank.
  2. Hakaan256

    Hotfix 14.0.9

    Thanks DE
  3. Hakaan256

    Hotfix 13.5.2 + 13.5.3

    Did you also fix Steam overlay in 64-bit mode? It's never worked for me until now. 32-bit mode did.
  4. Hakaan256

    13.4.0: Serro + Psa!

    Thanks DE
  5. Hakaan256

    Pin The Grineer Contest!

    Oh, don't worry. I terminated all the Grineer troops. This fellow was particularly unlucky, but he served as a warning. Alias: Hakaan256