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  1. So players are going to have to wait another few weeks for a potential fix for these mods which were SUPPOSED to "buff" guns?
  2. The fact that this is the last hotfix before tennocon and they STILL have not addressed the issues of Scattered Justice and the Galvanized Shot//Savvy//Aptitude is appalling... Did they say something on twitter about it at least? EDIT: Ok so it turns out Kuva Hek was INTENDED to not use Scattered Justice. Well theres one half I guess.
  3. The removal of Self damage is the nail in the coffin, self damage should have never been removed because now every AOE launcher has 0 draw backs. They *could* bring back self damage but that would piss off everyone else and cause another uproar, they really shot themselves in the foot here. I think we have gone too deep in this hole to be honest.
  4. Are you serious? When will you address the Scattered Justice + Kuva Hek issue. And when will you fix the Galvanized Savvy//Shot//Aptitude Mods NOT working on Projectile based weapons properly....
  5. Supra can use the ENTROPY BURST Mod which gives it +1 Entropy (The Perrin Sequence AOE Effect) Supra VANDAL Can ALSO USE ENTROPY BURST, Supra VANDAL does NOT have Entropy BUILT INTO the gun. Dual Cleavers can use JUSTICE BLADES which gives the weapon +1 Justice PRISMA Dual Cleavers can ALSO USE JUSTICE BLADES which gives the weapon +1 Justice, the PRISMA DUAL CLEAVERS, does NOT have built in Justice. Same thing with Skana and Prisma Skana with Bright Purity Same thing with Vulkar and Vulkar Wraith Same thing with Panthera and Panthera Prime It does NOT matter if the weapon is good or bad, these weapons I have mentioned HAS variants which CAN use these weapon augment mods. Kuva Hek is no exception. I don't care about highest damage ceiling, I don't care about the other 2 variants, Imagine if you were not able to use Justice Blades with Prisma Dual Cleavers, what then? use the NORMAL Version? even though Justice Blades won't bring it nowhere near on par with its prisma version... And you say "Arsenal Variety" yet 99% of players stick with the meta because of situations just like this, NO ONE will use Kuva Hek at the moment because it doesn't have +1 Justice, that AOE is crucial to keep up with the current meta and having that extra multishot is huge for a gun that relies on having a lot of multishot. And Kuva Hek is only a minor upgrade to the Vaykor version, it still has less magazine and Critical chance than the vaykor version has. And yeah sure it has a bit more damage and fires 4 shots per shot fired, but does that warrant such a huge restriction of not using its augment mod?
  6. Vaykor hek has Justice built in, Kuva hek does not, there is NO reason for the mod to NOT work
  7. Will you fix the Kuva Hek NOT being able to use Scattered Justice?
  8. TYPE: In-game, Weapon Mod Bug DESCRIPTION: Kuva Hek CANNOT use its syndicate mod, Scattered Justice. The Kuva Hek is in no way a Meridian/Justice weapon, it does not have any innate Justice Perks like Vaykor Hek yet this weapon cannot use its exclusive mod. Meanwhile, NORMAL Hek is allowed to use Scattered Justice. VISUAL: EXPECTED RESULT: I SHOULD be able to use the mod Scattered Justice on this weapon, because it is not a Meridian/Justice weapon on its own. OBSERVED RESULT: I still can't use Scattered Justice on this weapon.
  9. Are you going to address the Kuva Hek issue? The weapon cannot use Scattered Justice, the weapon is a slight upgrade but does it really warrant the restriction of NOT being able to use the Scattered Justice Mod?
  10. doesnt make sense because Kuva Hek is not a meridian/Justice weapon
  11. Kuva Hek CANNOT use Scattered Justice, I had to learn this out the hard way...
  12. I like this idea a lot.
  13. Prime vault needs an overhaul, at the moment its feeling dry and each unvault is stretched out far too long, I understand that people don't want FOMO, however, leaving an unvault available for 3 months is unacceptable. Plus Zephyr and Chroma have not even been vaulted for a year yet they got their unvault before Loki, Hydroid and Rhino. Unvaults used to be exciting and had agency which incentivized players to grind out the unvault before it expired. Maybe we can go back to just unvaulting 1 prime access at a time, and you can do it once a month, that way you can unvault 12 prime access' a year Instead of having 2 frames for 3 months+ And can we get a workshop for future unvaults and the new order at the very least? Or maybe do more permanent unvaults, like maybe have frost and ember relics exclusively behind bounties in POE
  14. 6% is still pathetically low, 10% would have been respectable, also you cannot have more then 5 drones on the map, so if a drone gets stuck or bugs out making it unkillable, you will get less drone spawns. Make BOTH Vitus And Teshin shops have the Galvanized Mods, if Kuva is a reward in Both Shops then why not these new mods.
  15. This should be a function of the existing Aura Mod Loot Radar Instead.
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