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  1. DietEbolaCola

    Forum Clans now Available!

    If you created the Clan on the forums thing you can go to "Edit Clan Settings" on the right side of your banner. Then there's a Delete with trash can icon on the lower right of that Edit screen that I believe allows you do delete the entry.
  2. DietEbolaCola

    Forum Clans now Available!

    Playing around with it. It would be nice if there was a simple questionaire or process added for those wishing to join, to be approved by clan moderators / warlords, for people using it for recruitment. Or being able to bump someone up from potential member to member status or something once they respond to a clan recruitment topic thread thing.
  3. DietEbolaCola

    Forum Clans now Available!

    I've just returned to Warframe recently after taking over a year off. Our clan is growing exponentially since open recruitment began, and we may be changing alliances next month. I've already been approached by 3 or 4 alliances (including coalitions of alliances) this week or two in-game. It would be nice to shop around and see what our options are first, so we can find the best fit for our clan's playstyle.
  4. DietEbolaCola

    Forum Clans now Available!

    Where do I find Alliances recruiting new Clans? Is there a subforum for that? Asking for a friend.
  5. DietEbolaCola

    ♡Heart of the Ordis♡ Log in for your gifts today!

    Correct spelling is donwyn for the glyphs btw.
  6. DietEbolaCola

    The Temporary Future of Warframe Trials

    TBD means "To Be Determined". See also TBA which means "To Be Announced".
  7. DietEbolaCola

    The Temporary Future of Warframe Trials

    I don't see why trials have to be removed rather than just increasing their rewards or drop tables to reflect end game content. Let's increase our options instead of limiting them. Such as.. POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS: - Create Arcane Enhancement "Blueprints" that drop from Eidelon Teralyst content. Keep Trial rewards as-is. Newer players would then have access to Arcanes, but if they want pre-built ones, they gotta do end game content like Trials. - Add the Arcanes to Teralyst as planned using the current Trials drop rates. Double amount of Arcanes dropped from Trials. - Have Teralysts and Trials reward points that can be used to purchase specific Arcanes, similar to how earning and purchasing items from Syndicates work. Throw the Arcanes vendor for that on Plains of Eidelon to tie it together.
  8. DietEbolaCola

    [Guide] Warframe On Mac With Boot Camp

    VMWare Fusion 8 now supports DX10 through Boot Camp. OP updated. I was looking into seeing if the latest version of Boot Camp supports Win10 and DX12. It looks like Boot Camp is ending support of Win7 in favor of Win10, which is also eligible for the free Microsoft upgrade from Win7+ to Win10, however, the Boot Camp version only supports Win10 64-bit. Buzz around Boot Camp & Mac forums says the DX12 runtime install is currently buggy on the latest version of Boot Camp, but DX11 is still fully supported.
  9. DietEbolaCola

    The Casual Carousel

    *brings coffee for next stream* Writhe & Shine!
  10. DietEbolaCola

    The Casual Carousel

    Another fun time on the Casual Carousel.
  11. DietEbolaCola

    Devstream 58 Overview

    I had to worik and missed the stream! Noooo! Overview shows that this one was an epic one. Great job DE. <3
  12. DietEbolaCola

    Hotfix 17.0.2

    Backwards Clan Emblems on Dojo Banners since U13 still an issue despite DE Danielle passing it onto the devs months ago.. please escalate..
  13. DietEbolaCola

    Defense Experiments

    Very thorough as always, Mr. Glen. Looking forward to seeing these come into play.
  14. DietEbolaCola

    Thank You For Watching Devstream #57!

    *implodifies due to U17 hype*
  15. DietEbolaCola

    Coming Soon: Devstream #57!

    U17 has a lot of great stuff planned for it. I was most looking forward to Starchart 3.0 but it needs to be robust enough to replace the current one. Can we has Starchart 3.0 as part of 17.5 if we can't get it in for 17.0?