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  1. Grinlok/Prisma is lever action single shot, just doesn't look the part.
  2. I think they mentioned in the devstream that 2x weekends are having a comeback soon.
  3. If you have ammo issues just use carrier or ammo pads >_> nobody is forcing anybody to forma their equipment further to allow exilus slot, even for warframes using the exilus slot is entirely optional.
  4. All melee weapons are getting a base damage buff + base range buff. Stinging thorn is a great stance with several hits and good procs, even a finisher, but the problem with daggers is low damage per hit and very low range that didn't make them feasible for engaging crowds, however, the melee changes in the upcoming patch might fix that and make them viable for general gameplay without needing a crutch as covert lethality.
  5. Imagine feeling embarrassed about asking for free stuff, in a free to play game. Unthinkable, am I right?
  6. Why load ONE round at a time when you can just slap a magazine with all the rounds at once? Reload time is DPS lost, ideally you want to keep reload to a max of 2 seconds, not more than that. Surely the round per round reloads are cool but...they aren't functional or efficient.
  7. I am wondering if just like with the Wukong rework that awarded owners of the Warframe with 3 formas on the patch with rework, wouldn't Ember/Prime and Vauban/Prime owners also deserve receiving 3 forma when their reworks arrive? I know we are gonna receive some formas with the melee changes on the same patch, but just wondering, never enough forma!
  8. The emergency ress when downed seems handy, although most times the cat die before the owners. The lifedrain precept should be changed to drain enemy health AND turn it into energy for owner
  9. How much range does Primed Reach give on Dev build at R10? +2.9 at R7 seems like an weird number since doesn't fit at a solid +0.3 or +0.4 per rank.
  10. I get the smeeta crit buff pretty damn often though, I prefer my orange/red crits now and then than miserable 60% cc
  11. If you put every slot on a weapon with polarity and depending on the drain of each, its perfectly plausible. HOWEVER, since neither reload speed or firerate were assigned as exilus mods, it isn't that worth to put a exilus on a primary or secondary at all. It's not powercreep even, the mods that were selected to work on that slot are ammo mutation mods, noise, ammo max, zoom, and recoil.
  12. Imagine overreacting before having the final numbers on stats.
  13. Oh yes, gotta dumb down EVERYTHING from NW, why not change it to just a click on the "challenge" to get the reward? Keep pandering to casuals DE, vets will never get the endgame they want...
  14. The thing is that by the time you completed the 100 score you have enough diluted thermia to do exploiter several times. Also, having ghouls around the plains ALL TIME would be so damn annoying.
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