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  1. Primed pack leader is useless, the normal primed pack leader will keep your pet healthy with no effort, there was literally no reason to make this a primed mod other than for bloat.
  2. Probably on the next unvault they will add the relics to the bounty rotations, not for the current one, though.
  3. Yep, we will have to wait til there is an operation for rebuilding one of the broken relays, someday.
  4. Gee, you took time redacting that S#&$post. Thanks for your useless contribution to the thread.
  5. When spaming captures in void, either hepit or ukko I have it happen way too often, sometimes twice or thrice in a row >_>
  6. Is there any possibility of DE to remove that extremely annoying "feature"? It serves no purpose during a mission other than prolong it's duration for no good reason, it can be even detrimental in fissure capture missions that get changed to extermination with a limited portion of enemies available compared to the quantity in the average capture mission that can result in squad members not being able to obtain all 10 reactants to open their relics. Less harmful but still annoying when doing capture missions to farm relics in the void, that can even double the goal duration of the mission in which most cases just aborting the mission when this "change of plans" happen, becomes a better option than deal with Lotus bipolarity.
  7. I can only hope they do a rework to the rubble textures with the prime, as it ruins the "fashion" when you get covered on it, with the deluxe skin you are covered in dirt rocks while could have been crystal formations, for that skin.
  8. QoL? remove anasas from sorties, true quality of life improvement.
  9. Simulor is still garbage, any reason to use its purely for trolling when there are so many better weapons to pick, even more when using Mirage. If you see trolls you have two options, you suck it up and bear with it to the end of mission, or you abort and join another squad. Easy fix.
  10. There are many GREAT TGs that have not been accepted yet Nova Mythra Mesa Corpra Operator Corpra Just to show a few 😧
  11. Hmm yeah I had forgotten about wall run, was quite neat back then.
  12. Akzani was the first signature weapon IIRC (didn't even get primed), but Magistar isn't a signature weapon per say, was just added in the same patch with Oberon.
  13. I have a few questions: -Will you make the ephemeras to use attachment energy color instead of warframe energy color? -Any chance of reducing the cost on Kuva for rolling Rivens, and/or increase the amount obtained in siphon, flood and survival? -When are we having Plague Star event again? -Any plans of adding more Zaw strike types or at least dual dagger, dual swords? -Are we ever getting better rotation rewards or order for endless missions? AABC is quite bothersome when good rewards are often only at C and not with a good chance of obtaining them.
  14. The 60 mins no life support is extremely easy to accomplish unless you have NEVER done Taveuni Kuva farm, a survival mission on which you NEVER want to use the LS towers for other than gathering Kuva, and consider there are players who do several hours a day of that mission for Kuva and nope, they aren't burnt out yet. Besides that, every other NW challenge is easy, even the 40 waves survival. Rank 14 of prestige here, while I don't have reasons to keep doing NW challenges they get completed passively just by playing the game.
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