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  1. When I read akimbo, I think of scenes in movies where the character dual wields guns in shootouts aiming and hitting at different targets, alternating them in a stylish way, even the way they are held seems cooler than what we get in Warframe, where we use two guns to well, shoot in the same direction, with a rather stiff aiming animation not different from using just one of them instead of two. Which is funny because many idle animations with dual secondaries are pretty cool, so when using them in a fight should also have that cool factor in them. But would this be just a form over function change? Ideally not, that's why the way dual secondary weapons, aklato, aklex, afuris, etc would have one of the guns aim at the target the player is aiming to while the other would auto aim at another target closer and fire at the same time, when there is more than one enemy in vicinity, otherwise both guns would aim in the direction input of the player when there is only one target or none. Also should be a toggle since there would be players who wouldn't want that change.
  2. It's about time DE stopped thinking of the few players that got the mod in the operation event or from random giveaways, that was their longest mistake and well, better late than never to make up for it and adding to Baro's merchandise. There should be NO ITEM in the game with that degree of "exclusivity" for exception of Excalibur/Skana/Lato Prime because those were founder, paid goods. All items given in events should have a return within a year or so to allow more players to obtain them.
  3. Nekros was due to an unvault but Oberon is too soon, Trinity Prime would have made more sense.
  4. I want prisma/wraith Argonak, that weapon has such nice sound effects when fired and reloaded but its just too weak.
  5. I would appreciate more a FoV that could be up to at least 90 than more texture changes.
  6. DE often changes from concept to implementation, sometimes drama like the Ember Deluxe skin happens when the artist doesn't agree with DE about what will be used for the game version. I think the skin we are gonna get looks good, but could have been better with the glowy bits.
  7. What good makes the extension of NW prestige ranks if it only gives measly 15 credits per 10000 points earned? a season reset for all those who achieved 30 or higher would have made more sense considering how long this "battle pass" has been running.
  8. Yep all beam secondaries cannot use pistol skins, which will make the Gaze kitgun suffer the same fate once they allow kitguns to use skins, unless DE just enables them to use the same skins or release a skin for beam secondaries... Also, Staticor oddly counts as "throwing" secondary like Kunai or Pox but cannot use the card skin from the Limbo Limina bundle.
  9. Once you mercy the larvling, you have accepted the terms and conditions of Lichtm, so suck it up buddy, your actions have consequences.
  10. Explosions are loud, deafening even, what do you expect? It makes a big explosion AND cluster bomb explosions, add to that the multishot and BYE EARDRUMS! if anything most explosive weaponry in Warframe feels underwhelming when it comes to visual effects and SFX.
  11. Today my cat "died" during a Lich encounter but it kept showing the countdown at 00:00 so I went to revive it and it got up as a thrall, missing head and tail...
  12. Mind reverting the relic menu tabs to "Lith" "Meso" "Neo" "Axi" instead of having the weird symbols with a mouse over to see what tier their are? Also adding a SIMPLE Vault icon on the relics that are currently vaulted instead of a mouse over AND Tab press to check. Function over form.
  13. I'd love to have it as a permanent arrow skin and not a consumable because, otherwise need to buy a truckload of them.
  14. It's pretty good but isn't gonna get nerfed. Also remember that Kuva weapons have different riven disposition to base.
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