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  1. Well, I'm glad I'm not facing this issue alone for once. Normally few people that are affected are overshadowed by hoards of people who aren't defending something that is clearly an oversight.
  2. If you wanna go for technicalities, they warned us on the update panel. Then again, that doesn't really stand out so it's way too easy to miss. It's nowhere the same scale, but it reminds me of what other MMO is doing (let's call it Apple Story). They advertise all the benefits of paying up on every opportunity they get, but all of the negative connotations (such as expiration/degradation overtime) of their systems are only mentioned once in update notes dating 2-3 years back (It's not linked to in all the advertisements and you will never find those update notes unless you know what to look for). What I'm trying to say is TECHNICALLY the info is there, but practically it might as well not exist, because by the time you know what to look to find the info you already got screwed.
  3. To be honest, I don't really care what means they apply to make the final day clear. Kinda sad I find out by mail when Ghouls (an event I've done once and never touched again) start and end, but not the stuff I grind.
  4. Since they said they would be removing the feedback forums..... Keep the nightwave credit shop open for at least a week (or until new one comes). The reason cannot be more simple. It's too easy to miss the end of night wave. As an additional feature: put the timer indicating time left for current "season" of nightwave within the first window of the nightwave UI. Yeah you can check somewhere on the update panel like a week or 2 before it ends, but that's not a real replacement. I've had about 300 credits resting, waiting to check next week's rewards like an idiot. I was certain I would see new missions/rewards when interacting with nightwave console, so imagine my surprise when I interacted with it and nothing happened. Woooopsieee! That's a loss I can live with, but I am a bit salty I lost the chance to at least blow all of those on timegated materials like Nitain.
  5. Good question. If by "Overall efficiency" you mean "average" efficiency, then - yes. It improved. In fact I won't even argue that MOST of the changes are bad. They are good for the game mode, overall. The rewards took a terrible hit, though, but as you said yourself you didn't bother to play abritrations beyond the ephemera so, you might not won't know it. Amount of endo you get on BEST modes (now compared to before patch) is essentially halved. Anyways, there is a reason statistics do not rely on blind averages. It is because averages includes redundant data which does not account for various factors, such as the fact that endo farming was mostly done in Excavation. It's like saying "overall people earn 1k / month" when in reality there's 1000 people earning 1$ and 1 person earns a million.
  6. There's 1 massive flaw in this calculation, and it's the fact that most people who were after endo farmed Excavation (or disruption for last few weeks), with 3-5 minute rotations. That means you can effectively multiply old rotation expected endo by about 2 and be at about 45% loss in the new rotations. I was getting more pure endo (without sculptures included) before the patch from excavations and disruptions than I am getting now from any mode with sculptures included. My old average (16 rounds, give or take), which is 10-12k pure endo and ~4-5 statues. My new average (same round count) is 6k + 3 statues. (it's actually 5k, because I had multiple games with only 1-2 Endo drops, which dropped it significantly, but I assume that's an anomaly)
  7. No, not just accessories. When I first try to buy accessories and noticed it doesn't work, I tried the other accessory pack and the dual pack. Same thing. There you go
  8. Same issue here. I thought it was something in the browser, but I've already tried 3 of them: MS Edge, Chrome, Firefox. Same stuff....
  9. I just realized that fashion frames I've setup that use sigils no now use default colors for the energy portion of the sigil. I tested it with Velurum Prime Sigil (where changes are most obvious) and sure enough, nothing affects them. Edit: Nevermind, I'm an idiot. Didn't realize that they made changes to make sigils have their own colors.
  10. I've got a combined watch time of about 20 hours now without any drops ~5 before re-linking ~15 after relinking.
  11. I left a stream up yesterday and was gone for about 6 hours - no drops. Relinked accounts - had a stream up for about 5 hours while playing, then left one up while going to sleep. Stil no Color Palette.
  12. I'll just put it like this. At low-mid level content something like deconstructor (or any well build prime weapon, from my testing) 1 shots everything without a riven (decent build is still needed). At high level content if your sentinel attacks at all, it gets killed in about 1 minute (with or without riven) making your riven useless. Edit: If you plan to use it on a Moa aim for stuff with higher range, because stuff like sweeper packs a huge punch (as shotguns do), but in my experience MOAs don't attack very often and often time when they attack they aren't in kissing range of the enemy they are attacking (i.e. a lot of sweeper pallets will miss).
  13. I'd like to point at all those people who got banned just because something was running alongside Warframe, while not really interacting with Warframe. Since first ban where no fault is seen is lifted, it's a small safety net for some, but I can only assume that some of those people got banned a second time (again without anything interacting with the game) and stayed banned. Context does not matter. By the way "If you use external software in conjunction with Warframe, then you do so at your own risk." includes notepad, because from DE's perspective it's 3rd party software. Thank god the policy is not applied to notepad.
  14. Most defensive frames can do a better job than Amesha. Also, I don't recall ever needing to go out of my way to defend in PoE. Offense works better
  15. I know it's probably DE's opinion and not yours, but it's flawed logic. Other archings are useless because there are no missions to complement their skills (much like there's no mission / enemy to complement titania's skills. She can dish out a lot of damage on single targets, but that's only needed on bosses where other frames can out-do her by a significant margin). Odanta is outright useless. It feels like a nerfed of Elytron and Sasha. Idk why anybody would use it in any circumsstances Elytron's damage can be outdone by any arching weapon and even itzal's 3 (this is really curious). I'd love to use it on plains or orb vallis, but I can do more damage with a poorly modded secondary weapon than I will do with a fully forma'ed Elytron! Amesha is awesome (I mean I did use it for immunity on eidolons for some time), but again no missions that actually needs it Take away speed (movement and blink) from Itzal and it will turn into a squishier Elytron, which only has 1 thing going for it. AoE loot.... If you want to get people to play other archwings, give them a use. Make some missions that require Amesha's defense. Boost Elytron's maximum damage output, so I can't kill 20 enemies with any archgun, before elytron kills 5 with skills. Odanta.... Idk I think it would require an overhaul to be useful. I don't recall a single skill that I would use it for.
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