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  1. I've got a friend who's been dealing with similar issue for a while. It works with some people, but doesn't work with most.
  2. This is fairly recent. I played for an hour or so a few days ago. Today's the first time I log into the game to see this.
  3. Yeah. This is new for me. I've been playing for a bit daily. After today's patch got this and can no longer see anybody online (even people I know are online).
  4. Oh nice! Didn't know it applies to the crew. Thanks for clarifying!
  5. That's definitelly a bug, but there's a workaround for when that happens: "P". Spread the info.
  6. I might be misremembering, but didn't they hammer the point on stream that "you're not stuck with the hosts mods anymore"? Or were they only refering to abilities and utility?
  7. TYPE: In-game/Railjack components DESCRIPTION: It is impossible to upgrade a railjack component with 2 upgradable stats when 1 of them is maxed (or maybe first). VISUAL: - REPRODUCTION: Get a (primary) Lavan Reactor MK3 with +60% Battle Mod duration and Battle Mod Strength +39% or less. Edit: This bug affects all components that have 2 rollable stats, that have the first one maxed. Already seen it on Armor plating of 2 types too. Get a (secondary) second Lavan reactor (MK 2 or MK 3 with the same trait). Attempt to perform valence fusion on
  8. I think seeking out best methods is hardly abuse, when it takes 200 hours (on average) to get 1 part required to max out your RJ.... Anyways, I think nerfing RJ content to make it noob friendly and giving us Void Hole, and other huge AoE stuff were the biggest mistakes in that regard. Warframe normal missions are mostly as boring they are, because once you get to a certain point (get specific weapons or frames) you run through a room without aiming and everything dies. Now the problem got transfered to RJ, within like 3 months of release. As a result, on top of having ~600 hours of g
  9. Would you be willing to pay 2$ for each color?
  10. Imagine buying Baruk bundle just for that 1 exclusive cosmetic...
  11. There's an easier way. When you're in a mission with players, you can pass commands to players (through tactical menu). Just use those commands to change roles on the fly... Change pilot to defender and he's out
  12. Why does it matter? You only spend like 30 seconds on the ship during loading and while traveling to objective, anyways....
  13. Your answer is making about as much sense to me as the change. "Because they wanted to" is not really an answer, unless you know the reason why they wanted to...
  14. I thought Plexus only works when you're in the ship and are interacting with something. For example: speed mods only work when you're piloting, turrets only work on turret you are operating, etc. I mean if that wasn't the case you'd get 4x bonus from all players and you'd be zooming at crazy speeds.
  15. The title pretty much says it all... I liked using utility mods for utility purposes and this new update is forcing me to take a combat mod and preventing me from taking Form up and Intruder Stasis together.... WHY?
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