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  1. Don't take it personally, but it takes 5-6 players like you to make up for 1 full pack sale and they still want to tip at least one of those 5-6 players to buying the back. Numbers show that small number of whales generate a lot more cash than a horde of free players. It's slightly different in Warframe scenario, because free players buying plat stuff from cash store, means somebody paid for it, but still. As for being condescending that was not my intention. Your title starts with "I still don't understand how they justify...". If you mean that literally, then I got your answer. If you didn't, then you're going into not so constructive, throwing shade at somebody, territory and you should teach others about conversation etiquette.
  2. Huh... I maxed every one of them and never noticed that, but it seems you're right. ...In that case, why DO we start from mastery rank 1?
  3. I would be happy with this solution, but there is a difference between 30 and 31. 30 increased your minimum mod capacity (i.e when you forma, your mod capacity remains 30) and 31 doesn't. I'm guessing they switched to legendary ranks, so people wouldn't think that weapons like kuva/tenet weapons get 31 mod cap, at MR31. Edit: I stand corrected. I went of initial talks on the topic and never bothered to double check. He's right. There literally is no difference between 29,30 and 31,
  4. As much as I would love to see it happening, it's not going to. DE made 12/24/72 hour build times for a reason, and they made recipes for 100 item bundles, for few specific items they wanted to allow craft faster. With that said, everything that takes 1 minute to craft (Dragon keys, mining material refinement, some specters) is just a waste of time. I had to spend half an hour clicking refinement recipes to refine enough rocks for 3 weapons.... It's a one time nuisance, but a nuisance nonetheless.
  5. Yes! Please make it happen! Railjack still gets people stuck, unable to perform actions and most of those glitches (not all) can be fixed by death. Even Railjack aside, I still get stuck sometimes and "/unstuck" is only effective about half of the time.
  6. I think bundle-only items are a scummy practice, but it makes money, and that's why they don't do discounts. Long story short, if they allow you to buy the 1 exclusive item without buying the full bundle (what discount would do) they are losing money. Do you think anybody wanted all the items in highest tier supporter bundle? No! Most people wanted 1 or 2 items from the highest tier bundle. DE knew that and that's why they put them in highest tier bundle, rather than selling them for 100plat (3-10$). Making people buy things they don't want is how a lot of companies make money. Now you understand.... and if you still don't Baruk is great example of this. His bundle is 565 plat and he has 1 exclusive item, 2 plat skins and 2 booster. Prices of stuff you can get for free: Baruuk - 325 Helm Skin - 75 Weapon - 150 This adds up to 550 plat. Even if you adjust for bundle discounts for individual, that means player who only wants that exclusive item will play 200-300 plat instead of 565.
  7. I have a better question: Do you even see the animations through all the particle effects? To clarify, I don't mean when you stop and swing to look at them (which you could do before too, as Berserker Mod would not be in effect), but when you're actually playing and hitting an enemy (the actual moment DE was adjusting for). I only see trails of some weapons that leave them, but not the actual weapon and I have my particles toned down.
  8. Yeah, I'm not a fan of the whole molten rubber mixing with gold too. It just looks out of place.
  9. This has bothered me for a while. Once we reach MR31 instead of having having any memorable reward, we effectively get one third of our glyphs covered up by this..... It's not true mathematically, but once you cover over half of space horizontally, the other half might as well not be there. I don't want to be mean, but if no visual designer thought this looked bad after looking at it, then perhaps all of them need a vacation. Go back to only having a number there. Either resume numeration from 31 or if you insist on starting a new one, add special border around the glyph to indicate a player reached Legendary rank (instead of the icon). Few ideas for borders in no particular order Golden/Prime border. Simple, effective, fits into the game theme. Dyable border. Design is up for debate, but just glow or metal could always work. Customizable borders. Each legendary rank unlocks a unique border (similar to rank icons) players can equip whichever one they like.
  10. Tenet Exec gimmick harms the weapon rather than giving it a fun quirk. The explosions on slams do like 60 damage on a fully built weapon, which means they cannot kill anything, not even at low level enemies. Explosions also push stuff away, in all directions making it harder to kill.
  11. High action / Space ninja MMO-like Free (not freemium) Entry barrier (the fact that 2 hours in the game expects you to know everything, you're given no direction AND you need wiki). Censored chat (non-spam focused) Fashion, grind and other stuff is something you'll find in every modern online game, so I don't think it's even worth mentioning unless they ask.
  12. Personally, I have no doubt in my mind, that you didn't ask a single person you know, so don't speak for them. In case you decide to ask them, also ask if they would say "goddamn DE" if they were forced to restart every hour or so for every fix (not just the good game changing ones), including minor ones(like a typo, minor graphical glitch, UI bugs, minor adjustments, etc).
  13. I'm glad this change is coming, but you are once again punishing anybody who did the grind on launch.
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