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  1. It's good if you're new and have 0 relics, or that aligns with what you play (i.e. you don't have to go out of your way to get slivers). If you have any relics at all, prime junk farm works out to same or faster plat (except for those 2 lucky people that get rare riven or god roll). Lowest riven price is like 10p, not 20. Prime farm (random relics) is a minimum of 2 plat per run (less if you want to sell in bulks and maximize profits per day at the cost of profits per item), with about 1/3 runs giving a part that's a silver (4+ plat) part. On rare occasions (about 1/15 in my exper
  2. Only BEST one is time gated. Feel free to use the other ones. Could the real issue be players wanting to be glass cannons while not even trying to avoid the incoming attacks? Oh and....while playing "hard" content if I might add. If you played Saryn and got knocked enough to complain on forums you either: Played ranged weapons and didn't try to avoid damage. Playing Melee Saryn and left enemies behind you (most enemies in front die, or get autoblocked by melee). Do I need to explain why the 2 above are more of a "you" problem? If you don't want to be knocked dow
  3. Not likely at all, because: Different release schedules (consoles are always behind to due PS bureaucracy) Incompatible monetization. PC has plat sales, while PS4 has cash store sales (plat has a fixed price). Try your luck with support. There's a tiny chance that purchase transfer is possible and support might agree to do it. Other progress is practically impossible for support to do anything about and tech people will not work on a single case like this one.
  4. Sure, to some extent. I can do like 3 runs a year runs on my own (without any particular reason) and a few more if they are rewarding (like orphix stuff, which was good mech exp + other stuff). I would hate it to be forced, though. It gets tedious fast and organizing teams is annoying too. Especially when you finally put one together specifically for like 1h+ and then 15 minutes in one player realizes they have to attend a surprise funeral or something.... At least I assume that's what it is, because if it was a normal one, they would know in advance.
  5. Literally the only time I heard of person being banned was when the person's actions implied price manipulation. The dude thought it would be funny to sell prime sets at (roughly) half the price of cheapest offer and not respond. As far as I know it was a temporary ban, though. On another note, doesn't warframe market require you to check a checkbox saying something along the lines of "I understand waframe market has nothing to do with DE and that I shouldn't spam official forums with market issues."?
  6. Sounds like something you instantly thought of to fix a tiny immediate issue without considering multiple issues that would cause. Nidus, Inaros (and any other shieldless frames) can't do it at all Other frames with low base shields would do it in short bursts with lots of pauses (100-200 shields) In non-organized teams only a handful of frames (that can restore their own shields) could continuously power a single excavator. Continuously powering 1 excavator needs 2 synchronized people, which means doing 2 is unlikely and 3 (in case you fall behind) is outright impossib
  7. Ah, that's probably what I've seen. Thanks!
  8. I could have sworn I've seen a screenshot in patch notes recently that implied there's a favorite system for frames (to mark frames as favorite). Did I dream that? If not what happened to it?
  9. What ability and modding options are you referring to? Only mods I don't see on frames are mobility mods, which fix problems only mechs have. As for abilities, as I said, there's no reason those abilities couldn't be on a normal frame. Archweapon limitation lift is one, I'll give you that, but then again, there's ways around it, such as having that as passive.
  10. They are not slow, they are just clunky with animations that come after jump/dash/landing. Unless you know how to properly cancel their animations, to avoid complete stop at 90° turns, you might as well be riding a mobility scooter, because any frame can catch up to that. Also, all those vids show a mechs modded for mobility. I would imagine not every mech user has a full arsenal of mods and enough forma to casually throw away for decent mobility in a single event. Rent-a-mechs are a fine example of that.
  11. I'll be honest. I think your "friend" doesn't exist and that's all your opinions. Just admit you hate mechs, like the rest of us haters :P Seriously, though, at least Operator form is pretty fluid in its use. I still don't understand why a Waframe (essentially a robotic suit) needs another robotic suit on top of it. At least when they did that crap with archwing and added railjack, they enabled 4 players to operate it. Mech is just a really clunky warframe. Can you honestly say that being clunky is "diversifying gameplay"? We've had on-ground arch-weapons for quite a while now, a
  12. I consider the concept of clunky mechs in a spaceninja game a bad move. Forcing me to play as one of those clunky things is also a bad move. Hiding frames behind events and then adding them to plat store is a bad move. (I'd love to know how often this operation comes back) Mechs that can be acquired any time being in plat store is not an issue in my book.
  13. This pretty much sums up my thoughts on the game lately. Everything that has been released in Warframe in recent years had about as much depth as a tech demo, but forced more grind than an average 100% completion of a AAA game. So much of recent content has been about 3 days worth of fun followed by about 3 weeks hardcore grind that I've been inclined to pay to skip a lot of the grind. That lead to question why I am still in game if I am literally paying not to play, so I left. Lavos did pull me back in, but then I got hit by ~16 hours of monotone grind.
  14. That explains everything. It might be more than just animations that get changed. Flac cannon has slower projectiles that stop earlier (it doesn't seem just visual). Stahltha alt-fire explodes faster (no delay, whereas original has like 1 sec delay). Ogris probably has some alteration too, but I don't play it enough to notice.
  15. Wait, all of them give weapon parts now? Edit: I mean at a decent chance. I heard they always had a chance, like a few percent on t1 and a bit more on t2
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