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  1. Ahah! So it wasn't just my imagination. Those enemies really were tougher. I was wondering WTF happened to my weapons when I first switched from a solid 1 shotting weapon to a less powerful (but still powerful) one. Thought I messed up my build or something. I just mashed my melee button harder, started hitting harder and it worked out!
  2. Uhm, yes? Warframe has been selling almost all the frames and weapons for long as I remember it. Why do repair drones surprise anybody? By the way. I have grinded railjack for about 8 weeks (5-6 hours per day) and I only lost my loot maybe 3-5 times. I'm not sure how much you lost there, but since you keep Intrinsics on failure you're still good. Trust me, by the time you max those, you'll be swimming in those materials.
  3. They know veterans have enough resources to craft everything railjack has to offer (at reasonable prices) many times over by now. They still need those veterans to play and keep the game alive. I kinda hate it, but I also kinda understand. 2nd reason is rather obvious. Whatever they sell with cash normally requires new resources. If those items used old resources that would reduce incentive to buy to spend plat in market even further. Balancing gains and consumption is the only real way to combat the issue, but it would cost DE too much to do that and would likely kill new content even faster. If you don't need materials from "the island" and you've gotten the "rare" drops - why bother if you've got better sources of materials?.
  4. Are you serious? The bugs needs to be fixed, no questions there. If you remove fail state YOU'RE IN GOD MODE. You literally cannot die as long as you don't catch every ramsled to suicide by invasions.... I think the reason why god mode in a game is bad should be obvious.
  5. HEY! No spoilers! I want to get my: that I worked so hard for without knowing what it is!
  6. Thank you!.... For both the reactor and the ephemera.... I will take note not to work on difficult rewards in any new content. GO EVERYTHING-2-HOURS SQUAD!
  7. Selling Sentient Altar Scene Sentient Balcony Scene Sentient Fountain Scene 100 platinum each. Also willing to trade either one for Sentient Basin Scene.
  8. Selling sentient Balcony scene for 250p. Price negotiable.
  9. I'm asking for 400p. Contact me in game. Or if I'm offline you can leave a PM on forums. I'll get back to you. PS: Accepting offers
  10. I wish for rewards from tennobaum. Please and thank you! I don't mind sending gifts among my friends, but I am not going out of my way to do it, if I don't have the incentive to do so.
  11. Are there any community goals for rewards, like there were last year?
  12. Buying Vengeful Pull Ephemera. If you're selling one PM me for an offer or with an offer.
  13. Done this for a bit. I feel like it's not a very healthy workaround.
  14. I've been losing combos on faster weapons without really holding melee button for too long (just spamming melee button), so I was wondering if it's possible to disable heavy attacks triggered by melee hold completely.
  15. Buying Vengeful Pull ephemera - Platinum or trading for my Vengeful shockwave ephemera Vengeful Chill ephemera - platinum Taking offers. PM me your price if you're selling one.
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