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  1. Most defensive frames can do a better job than Amesha. Also, I don't recall ever needing to go out of my way to defend in PoE. Offense works better
  2. I know it's probably DE's opinion and not yours, but it's flawed logic. Other archings are useless because there are no missions to complement their skills (much like there's no mission / enemy to complement titania's skills. She can dish out a lot of damage on single targets, but that's only needed on bosses where other frames can out-do her by a significant margin). Odanta is outright useless. It feels like a nerfed of Elytron and Sasha. Idk why anybody would use it in any circumsstances Elytron's damage can be outdone by any arching weapon and even itzal's 3 (this is really curious). I'd love to use it on plains or orb vallis, but I can do more damage with a poorly modded secondary weapon than I will do with a fully forma'ed Elytron! Amesha is awesome (I mean I did use it for immunity on eidolons for some time), but again no missions that actually needs it Take away speed (movement and blink) from Itzal and it will turn into a squishier Elytron, which only has 1 thing going for it. AoE loot.... If you want to get people to play other archwings, give them a use. Make some missions that require Amesha's defense. Boost Elytron's maximum damage output, so I can't kill 20 enemies with any archgun, before elytron kills 5 with skills. Odanta.... Idk I think it would require an overhaul to be useful. I don't recall a single skill that I would use it for.
  3. Idk about you, but I only use itzal because it's fastest, it's got blink and skill 3 (forgot the name), which is IDEAL for traveling through large maps. Until I got itzal I also used the defensive one, the immunity skill on eidolons. If you look at combat, all of the archwings are useless (mostly). I'm not sure if it's a big problem, because it's not the only thing in the game that only has 1-2 uses. As for volt. There's plenty of uses for volt. Eidolons, speed melee builds, aoe skill 4 builds and I see people using them whenever the situation allows it. Somebody choosing not to use volt is not a huge problem that needs to be fixed, because volt is clearly a great frame, that CAN be used almost anywhere.... Unlike some other frames like atlas and wukong, which are so niche, that there are at least 3 other better frames to choose to invest to instead of those 2.
  4. Well first of all, It's first I'm hearing that they are planning to nerf archwings 0_O.... There's 1 really obvious way to improve k-drive (at least that's the mod I was looking for with 2nd wave of k-drive mods). Make doing tricks while traveling rewarding: Give speed boost (and more crash resistence) when doing tricks. Right now I lose speed (and often trip of something that I don't even consider an obstacle) while doing tricks. Give a reliable way to keep score after landing on the ground. Right now THE ONLY good way to keep score is grinding rail. Jumping immediately after landing is also a way, but it feels more like a bug than a feature, because you lose almost all of momentum on 2nd jump. Split off the visual effect mods (and take away the damage) into their own slots (give 1 or 2 "visual" slots or make them unlockable toggle effects). All elemental mods look awesome and feel awesome to use, but feel like a waste of slot, because damage is worthless, when I need speed, jump height, crash prevention, etc.
  5. Cash of trolls and bigots cost just as much in bank and I would argue that losing them (even if just losing the actual trolls) the company would take a financial hit. Also, don't automatically brand anyone getting banned as troll or bigot. I'm not sure if you noticed, but the automatic bans are sort of broken. When you're claiming somebody, who was just banned for reasons they don't understand is a troll or a bigot, You're just creating more hate towards your cause. This portion is actually really curious to me. There's an objective neutral definition for the word "trap", there's a whole fetish around it so clearly it has to have positive tones to it. That's why claims that using that word to describe an object (not against a person) seem baseless. I am willing to read your sources for the claims you are making. There are so many people claiming that it's a bad word and so far the only "source" I've seen is a Youtuber talking about it (again not a single source is 30min + video, just anecdotal evidence). If it's made illegal in a country, if there's study made on that, or even there was a dictionary entry saying it's a slur, it would be easier to take those claims seriously. Also, by instantly, demonizing anyone who disagrees (and you seem to do that with every message), you're making them less likely to agree with you and further down the line with the points you are trying to make, even if at some point you back them up with data.
  6. People being banned is the "lesser part of the issue"? Did you know that this game needs people to stay afloat? I'm sure transpeople would be thrilled to find out that their favorite game died, defending their honor.
  7. Yes, just more realistic. What you're suggesting requires a whole new system and presumably staff. On top of it all it assumes player participation, representation and most importantly honesty in answrs. I'm not sure if you've heard about these studies, but essentially a common side effect tests (or in this case votes) with humans is that they tend to want to asnwer in a way they think they are expected to asnwer, when they know results will be observed by an authority figure. That essentially means, that they might might answer dishonestly, to "please" whoever is watching those results. There's a good chance that they will be virtue signaling with their answers, even if on their own they wouldn't considering a particular message noteworthy.
  8. So you're agreeing that DE should insta-ban people from game (not chat) as soon as they say the bad word? Maybe if that happens, when playerbase reached critically low, we stop virtue signaling and start thinking of real solutions!
  9. Intro / Rant I've gotten banned recently for a meme (a single message) recently The message was a meme, that is commonly told about Nezha. My message was about equinox, I think that "bad" word was contextually appropriate (by the definition of that bad word). Just to make it clear, the message was not directed at a person, a group or really anything it was just put out there as an observation about equinox. Due to the nature of the ban, I was certain that I've offended a moderator and got banned by a moderator abusing the power they hold. My apologies to the chat moderators, for that assumption I now know you were just following orders. Anyways, I was absolutely certain it was an unjust ban (because: 18+ game, they don't shy away from dirty jokes on official streams and general tone of region chat), so I contacted support about it, and explained that I got banned by a moderator that took offense to a message, that I don't feel is offensive. I've been surprised by the responses of that conversation. I've been told that meme is illegal to which I responded with a question asking, for other arbitrary words / phrases / memes are illegal. Here's a quote from the final answer. In case you missed it, that message implies that unless you know in advance that the meme ( that must not be spoken ) is "illegal" you will get banned for saying it (no warnings - just instant ban). Pardon me, for not being in the majority that knew..... Anways, back on topic. I don't know about you, but apart from that 1 meme being illegal, I didn't learn anything from that response that I can use to determine if ambiguous messages are illegal. To give you 1 example: "Newbs play excalibur". Is it offensive because a particular frame is associated with a new players or is it an opinion that might hold merit, because it's 1 of 3 frames new players can choose? Suggestions Give profanity filter a purpose. Warframe is an 18+ game that has the profanity filter on BY DEFAULT. That means that people playing the game must be of a legal age and are capable of making decisions on the type of content they want to see. Moreover, they have to go out of their way to disable that filter. If a chat participant chooses to see profanity, why do you ban people for messages that would be censored by profanity filter? (this one has nothing to do with my case, but it still bothered me from the moment I first heard about it). Add any illegal memes/phrases, that "majority of the community knows are illegal" to kickbot's filters so players get kicked with a warning. As the support rep pointed out that meme has a specific format, and the game has the tool to filter messages of specific format. Is there any reason DE is allowing that those to be posted in chat? Clarify your rules. According to support, the "bad" word, is disrespectful/derogatory. Unless you're using that word to describe people or have a degree on something like gender studies the chances of you drawing that connection are slim. Don't assume that everybody is aware of the intricacies of this community, and rules surrounding it. If it's not written anywhere and people are not allowed to say it there's a really good chance newer players will know about it. Give WARNINGS! This is my only offense in 6-7 months, that I've been playing the game, and I get an instant-ban for 1 AMBIGUOUS meme, about a FICTIONAL DEVICE. If this happened when I first joined the game (along with P2W first impression the game gives), I'd run from this game. By the way the odds of newbs saying it are quite high, considering that meme is used in several introductory videos.
  10. I think I found a bug (unless I don't understand some mechanic), with combined-element damage calculation. Here's a testcase in a form of a build: http://warframe-builder.com/Primary_Weapons/Builder/Lenz/t_30_22223432_132-2-5-133-4-5-137-0-10-140-3-5-150-1-8-159-5-5-405-6-5-791-7-0_137-7-150-7-132-8-140-5-133-6-159-11-405-5-791-9/en/2-0-112/ In that build: First of all, uncheck the multishot and crit chance multipliers for lower numbers. Then either: 1. Edit the riven to have some cold damage (I had mine at 80%) 2. Replace Infected clip with Primed Cryo rounds. Result: Watch the damage drop insanely, eventhough base damage should obviously be increasing due to higher percentage on primed mod. OR test it with normal mods (primed cryo rounds / Infected clip): 1. Remove the riven and see ho much toxin damage the build has (2850) 2. Replace infected clip with primed cryo rounds and see how much cold pure cold damage the build has (4612) 3. Put Infected Clip into an empty slot. Result: Toxic 2850 + Cold 4612 = 27224 Viral (over 3 times what it should be).
  11. I've been running streams since the drops started (about 23 hours/day, because there were unexpected stops) and know a few others that done the same. First and foremost, I definitelly did not get 1/hour on average. I can sumarize my drops as: a lot of credits and fireworks, 2 Display Glyps, 1 Nitain, 100 Oxium. I don't remember exactly what and how many items the people I mentioned got exactly, but it was all junk too. Saves 2 index runs and 1 alert at best (Unless [display - glyph] are rare). I am convinced that even if you watch streams the whole week the chances of getting a frame are still really low.
  12. I've been curious for a while now. Most games have this "change time" - a time(days of week/time) when changes are made. It's 13th today.... What is the change time in Warframe? When can I expect the vault to open?
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