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  1. Celebrating Warframe's 6th Anniversary with this Captura shot of Dexcalibur Umbra with a full set of Dex gear about to enter the Saturn Six Max-Pen. You've aged well, old friend. Do not click the spoiler-image if you don't want to see this preview of the Saturn Six Captura scene from the Tier 23 Nightwave reward!
  2. Charge Preparation. Like a bull or a rhino, it would lower its head, get into a combat stance, and scrape the ground with one of its feet.
  3. Happy Valentine's Day, Megan and Rebecca! I hope you have a good one, and thanks for spending some of it with us on stream! We love you! ❤️
  4. The top picture clearly depicts profiles of player characters, with player character names. If admitted entries are only for existing in-game NPC characters, this picture is really confusing. 🤔 Fun idea though, winning the whole devteam's signatures would be awesome. 💘
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