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    Looks awesome! BLAM, right in the Clem! 😄
  2. InfallibleX

    [Suggestion] Sentinel Ordis

    In accordance with Cephalon precepts, I cannot be bribed - YOU COULDN'T AFFORD IT. Perhaps it might ease your mind that I do not suggest that Ordis would speak as a companion.
  3. InfallibleX

    Inventory Access

    I'd like to suggest/request the ability to access your inventory during free-roam missions. The reason that I feel this would be a useful change is that you currently cannot check what you have, or what you need, without returning to Fortuna. While this wasn't really necessary on the Plains, the fact that you can do bounties back-to-back in Orb Vallis means that you may want to check what you need from those bounties, and what you already have. What I would suggest is just a read-only inventory access, where you cannot sell anything, only browse. Tenno, feel free to chime in with comments, whether you agree or disagree. DE, thanks for listening! We all lift together, / Infallible X
  4. InfallibleX

    [Suggestion] Sentinel Ordis

    I'd love to be able to construct a - GLORIOUS WARFRAME - shell for Ordis in the Foundry, perhaps something - FAR SUPERIOR - similar to Helios, to be able to bring our favourite Cephalon with us as a companion* on missions. I think he would love - HATE IT... hmm. Please - OBEY MY DEMANDS - consider it - IMMEDIATELY - at your earliest convenience. EDIT: As I mentioned in comments, I do not suggest that the companion Ordis would speak. EDIT2: I am also not suggesting that he would actually be a sentinel, lore-wise, just bringable as a physical companion comparable to one for gameplay purposes. / Infallible X
  5. InfallibleX

    Void fissures!

    Haha. I guess that would work too. 😄