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    [Request] New PM Sound

    I totally agree with you. I would probably wish it to be an optional checkbox whether to have a sound or a voiceline. Anyway I usually stand around in my Orbiter where alarms and invasions are announced this way anyway, so it shouldn't be that big a difference if whispers are announced only on the Orbiter.
  2. InfallibleX

    [Request] New PM Sound

    I'm not always away from Warframe, but when I am, I'm not. I don't mute when in background since I still wish to respond to whispers about trades while I'm doing other stuff. But I find that the PM sound is a bit weak. I would really, really like a sound that makes me go "what the heck was that?" so I'll actually tab into the game and notice the new message. Or maybe [DE]Rebecka could wake me with a "Tenno, someone's trying to reach you" when I get a new whisper. 😍 Peace / Infallible
  3. This is unfortunately not exclusive to Kuva farming. I came here to post about the same issue, but in a completely different context, so I will add to this subject here instead. In my particular case, I decided to try out fishing on the Plains of Eidolon with other people for a change, and thus joined a random, public group. After about 15 minutes, two Luminous Dyes and two Murkray Bait consumed and numerous fish caught, the player considered the host of the session decides to leave. So without saying anything, he heads to Cetus and the "1 player is waiting for you" pops up for a moment, before he apparently realizes he has to wait for at least one more player. So instead of doing that, I assume he pressed "abort mission", which inadvertedly sends me and the other players back to our orbiters with the "Host migration" popup. I was allowed to keep some 30 credits apparently, and zero fish. I tried reconnecting to the squad a few times, and that failed. I'm assuming this can happen in any mission at any time if the host decides to leave and the host migration fails. Terribly frustrating, especially after long missions or even longer free roams, if we don't even get to keep what we've looted.
  4. InfallibleX

    Landing Craft Decorations Missing [Fixed]

    Just noticed this as well. I want my Ayatan Sculptures back. 😞 I can just imagine Ordis turning red and changing his voice. "You are no longer able to place the decorations. You are therefore no longer the Operator. Commencing purge of all decorations and the non-Operator."
  5. InfallibleX

    Landing Craft Decorations Missing [Fixed]

    I just unlocked the personal quarters and moved my Ayatan Sculptures there. They were showing as normal from before the last patches, but once I placed them again they disappeared. Unable to get them back to the inventory also since I can't remove them without being able to see them.