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  1. For the switch teleport do i use specter and put it near boil then switch ?
  2. I Like to run the plague star solo. The stage where u have to escort the the drone is awful. The drone is slow, Is there ways to make the drone speed up or move farther?
  3. When i go to codex and look at Warframes, Weapons etc and when u click on 1 before u had a option to add it to wish list. Did they remove that? Cause now it doesn't give me the option to?
  4. i did it i went to venus corpus survival and i remembered since i have all the moa's i forgot about the tractor beam precept. Unfortunately all that work to get trash Sobek riven with +mag capacity +punch through -recoil
  5. I just got the free shotgun riven mod from the alert. The challenge i got is Get 3 headshot kills in a single aim glide with a hobbled dragon key equipped. I have my tomb finger kitgun with the pax seeker arcane, i tried using that with zephyr prime and went to Venus corpus survival and didn't go well as i expected. So any tips on how to do it. best Mission, Faction type warframes, And i got Nautilus as well which is good at locking down enemies.
  6. My first ephemera that i got when lichs came out was the vengeful toxin. Today i got another one. I checked my inventory and i only have 1. I should have two. Can u only get 1 of each type of ephemera?
  7. Every time i get a discount coupon i noticed things like the tenet melee, mods from stuff like arbitrations, just as examples says sale. Does it work on stuff like tenet melee or the arbitration mods? If so how do i use it for them?https://ibb.co/nqpfnK7
  8. I have a few extra hound parts That i want to sell, Does anyone know what the parts are worth?
  9. a little while ago but finally maxed out my 2 intrinsics section. Engineering was my first intrinsics i maxed out, because i prefer solo play so i focused on engineering for maintenance, then tactical but didn't max. I focused on the importance stuff. Anyway for the R10 pilot, the blink i noticed it doesn't blink that far. How does it work? Does range effect the distance? Or is it just a mediocre ability l?
  10. I usually prefer to play solo, i only play public if i have trouble doing a mission solo or i just wan't to speed run missions like void storms & fissure missions. When i go pub while in my rj i wan't to use my rj but i always end up joining a squad rather than being the host. How do i go pub & be the host? Also a while back i thought they removed the void storms damaging your Warframes & railjack. When i fist did void storms after the hot fix it didn't damage me. Now it does did they add it back or did i read the patch notes wrong?
  11. when the tenet melee came out i thought only one of the tenet melee was available so is it just the elemental bonus that resets?
  12. i got the baro tennocon relay ticket, i got it last year too. I know he brings everything. PC got stuff from baro that console hasn't yet. Does anyone know if baro will bring the stuff pc got that consoles didn't get? The prisma mechete for example?
  13. Does any one know how many hounds do u have to kill reveal each requiem mod?
  14. @ShogunGunshow not necessarily it just has to be void storm
  15. Whats the best way to solo farm the corrupted holokeys. in voids storms ? Any tips on the best warframes, Weapons, missions to do it fast, effecient?
  16. The parvos hand not letting u interact to give crown to enter the granum void. Fix It Please!!!!!!!!!!
  17. when i go into railjack corpus tile set for granum void, in void storm or non void storm i go up to the parvos hand and it won't let me interact. https://pasteboard.co/KavZ1sS.jpghttps://pasteboard.co/KavZql7.jpg
  18. im having a problem with interacting with tge oarvis hands. im trying to get a sister but. I go into a corpus ship and i can't interact with the hand to get to the granum void. can anyone help me? has anyone had this problem or knows how to Fix it?
  19. i recently got mag prime. Mag was actually my starter frame. I don't really know how to mod her. Anyone have some decent solo mag builds. Also i didn't fully subsume every warframe yet, but anyone have good mag helminth combo's as well?
  20. i know creating a clan emblem cost 150p, what are good free program to create one on ios or chromebook?
  21. I've done the boss but i prefer solo play. Anyone got advice on good warframes &weapon load out to speed run it?
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