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  1. Shuuro

    Do you see anything... weird?

    Oh yeah, I see it. Didn't know you could play warframe on a gameboy. PS. Bigger picture with consistent screenshots of whats happening might help in the future.
  2. Shuuro

    Getting a bit of sound popping after today's update

    Just started getting this today. I'll start a mission, and my very first shot will be a loud popping static sound in my headset, really hurts the ears. Happening every mission. After the first shot, everything seems fine.
  3. Shuuro

    Weapons not dealing damage

    I noticed this just now while doing a spy mission. Whenever I hit an enemy with Umbra's slash dash (which knocks down), I am unable to hit eneimies with my hitscan weapons. Melee will work perfectly fine. I've tried knocking them down with an air slide kick, and they can still be damaged by my weapon. So far it seems to be only the first ability that replicates the bug with 100% success.
  4. Shuuro

    Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation][*spoilers*]

    Interesting. He's labeled simply "Umbra" No hint at anything related to "Umbra" being another version of Excalibur. Maybe I'm looking too much into it, but perhaps it's a sign that there is only one "Umbra" Warframe. Kind of wishing it's a Warframe I can customize abilities with, but that wont ever happen. Also, is that an Umbra Skana he's holding?
  5. Shuuro

    Wanna talk about Trinity + Castanas?

    Ah yes, I got to afk because I had a link nuke trinity in the group. Not play the game like I wanted to, but instead I got to see someone become god. What did she do? Walked up to a wall. Threw castanas at it, jumped, detonated, and made the entire map her B**** The amount of people defending "stare at a wall and kill everything within a 56 meter radius", is just about the same logic as when people were defending god mode trinity from many years ago. It's not healthy for the game, and it takes away all sense of danger, or any input from team members needed what so ever. Seen this in survival, everything died before I could do anything because trin was staring at a wall, and spamming castanas. Seen this in the plains, literally couldn't do anything because trin decided to stare at a wall, again. Seen this in ESO, still couldn't do anything because trin decided to, you guessed it, stare at a wall. This isn't some new trick either, this has been around for a long, long time, but I'm guessing that the release of ESO is just making the entire trin nuke build extremely popular for ESO farming. Still, this is beyond ridiculous. This is the exact reason why Rhino wasn't aloud to use self damage on his iron skin. 100k+ HP Iron skins were absolutely absurd, and warranted the nerf. This invulnerable-to-my-own-damage-nuke everything build, also warrants a very much needed look into now. If I had to make a suggestion to change it, it would either be; Remove it: Make self damage not reflect to linked enemies what-so-ever or Tone it down: Make it so that damage can't chain to multiple enemies if the target dies. If you are linked to 3 enemies, you effect 3 enemies. Period. No more of that map wide kills shenanigans. I would personally much rather have it toned down, but *something* has to be done about it. Edit: Looking at other peoples suggestions a second time, I completely also agree that a change to make her immune to self damage would also be another neat trade-off.
  6. Shuuro

    I'm so tired of hearing about Saryn

    The only thing I'm going to say, is that although I've been greatly disappointed by past reworks of other frames, this should be how it is handled for any reworks in the future. THIS needs to be the standard when reworking a frame. Not touch upon it once, pretend it's good and ignore it for years.
  7. Shuuro

    MR 25 Archwing stuck in the floor [Fixed]

    Would like to bump this thread as well, boarding the archwing (or in my case, having it spawn in my way because it's nothing but an obstacle to prevent you from completing the test), puts you in the middle of the floor and makes you unable to move. The only thing you can do is melee out of it. If you have an operator with a good dash, that will probably be your only reasonable way to complete this test. The archwing itself wastes too much time, doing the get in animation, realize your stuck, having to melee to get out, easy 3 ~ 5 seconds gone per try. Picture of being stuck in the ground and unable to move
  8. The back chain of the primed suit keeps on glitching out, giving this weird...blur effect along the chain. Some screenshots of the chain blurring out while idle. Quite an expensive suit for it to be bugging out, hoping to see a fix.
  9. The custom idle animation of the stance, as well as the way you hold the blade in a reversed style does not work anymore, and you hold the blade as if you weren't using the stance at all. This is how the stance would look like normally. Only screenshot I have, new computer. This is how the stance looks currently. Held as if Blind Justice is not equipped, as well as doing the normal idle unsheathing animation. As you can see. Originally the stance let's you hold the blade straight, in a reversed grip, but now it's holding the blade at a more downward angle, as how the other 2 stances, or no stance would behave. I understand this may be a by-product of the whole, Melee 3.0 thing going on, but I thought I would point it out none-the-less.
  10. Shuuro

    [Fixed] Operator slide doesn't work in missions

    I've been wondering the same thing. Been going in and out of missions trying to get my operator to roll. Rolls/Slides perfectly fine in the liset. In missions I can't make my operator slide, even tried re-mapping the Sprint/Roll, Sprint, and Roll keys all to seperate and new buttons. No dice.
  11. Shuuro

    The War Within: Update 19.2.0

    No Fixes for Ash. Not even surprised.
  12. Shuuro

    PC Update 19.2.0 Deploy Status 11/30/16

    I just want Ash tweaks. Not major overhauls, just, some simple tweaks to tide us over while we look over a few things.
  13. Shuuro

    [Build Status: Friday] Update 19.1.0

    ... I don't know what to say DE. Ash was supposed to be given a rework, or at least, I thought it was going to be a rework and not a single skill being changed. I could have sworn I heard the devs say that they would want more synergy with warframe abilities. ..So where are the Shuriken and Smoke Screen changes? Is Blade Storm still going to be increasingly annoying to use against Corpus, Infested, and Orokin because any Nulifier/Ancient of any kind that comes around decides to make things near immune to damage or take a long time to kill? Didn't someone suggest on a stream that maybe Shuriken should scale with throwing weapon mods or something? Why not have shuriken activate the death marks? Or even create death marks? So many opportunities missed. Honestly I would rather take the Delux skin and have this "rework" go straight back to the drawing board. One skill being changed to be slower and virtually pointless, and making another skill being capable of targeting object, is hardly called a "rework". I think what I feel bothered by the most, is that the devs just did the same mistake the playerbase did. They look at Ash, they see Blade Storm. What about his other abilities? Don't they warrant a solid look at as well? Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of the "soon to be old" blade storm either, but it feels like a huge opprotunity was missed because the community decides to scream "Ash is Blade Storm", and so that's all that was really changed. That's... insulting to Ash mains. Well, if I remember correctly, I think Scott said that Blade Storms damage would be increased to compensate for it being slower to use? Add ontop of the 3 marks limit, maybe the damage will be nice? I'm willing to give the new change a shot, but I'm still really sad that it was the only thing looked at.
  14. Shuuro

    Hotfix 18.8.2

    May possibly need a look into this
  15. That is completely your opinion and doesn't exactly contribute to the topic at hand. I mean, they did it with Chroma and his pelt on/off thing, right? I'm sure they could find some kind of fix around.