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  1. Shuuro

    Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation][*spoilers*]

    Interesting. He's labeled simply "Umbra" No hint at anything related to "Umbra" being another version of Excalibur. Maybe I'm looking too much into it, but perhaps it's a sign that there is only one "Umbra" Warframe. Kind of wishing it's a Warframe I can customize abilities with, but that wont ever happen. Also, is that an Umbra Skana he's holding?
  2. Shuuro

    The War Within: Update 19.2.0

    No Fixes for Ash. Not even surprised.
  3. Shuuro

    PC Update 19.2.0 Deploy Status 11/30/16

    I just want Ash tweaks. Not major overhauls, just, some simple tweaks to tide us over while we look over a few things.
  4. Shuuro

    [Build Status: Friday] Update 19.1.0

    ... I don't know what to say DE. Ash was supposed to be given a rework, or at least, I thought it was going to be a rework and not a single skill being changed. I could have sworn I heard the devs say that they would want more synergy with warframe abilities. ..So where are the Shuriken and Smoke Screen changes? Is Blade Storm still going to be increasingly annoying to use against Corpus, Infested, and Orokin because any Nulifier/Ancient of any kind that comes around decides to make things near immune to damage or take a long time to kill? Didn't someone suggest on a stream that maybe Shuriken should scale with throwing weapon mods or something? Why not have shuriken activate the death marks? Or even create death marks? So many opportunities missed. Honestly I would rather take the Delux skin and have this "rework" go straight back to the drawing board. One skill being changed to be slower and virtually pointless, and making another skill being capable of targeting object, is hardly called a "rework". I think what I feel bothered by the most, is that the devs just did the same mistake the playerbase did. They look at Ash, they see Blade Storm. What about his other abilities? Don't they warrant a solid look at as well? Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of the "soon to be old" blade storm either, but it feels like a huge opprotunity was missed because the community decides to scream "Ash is Blade Storm", and so that's all that was really changed. That's... insulting to Ash mains. Well, if I remember correctly, I think Scott said that Blade Storms damage would be increased to compensate for it being slower to use? Add ontop of the 3 marks limit, maybe the damage will be nice? I'm willing to give the new change a shot, but I'm still really sad that it was the only thing looked at.
  5. Shuuro

    Hotfix 18.8.2

    May possibly need a look into this
  6. That is completely your opinion and doesn't exactly contribute to the topic at hand. I mean, they did it with Chroma and his pelt on/off thing, right? I'm sure they could find some kind of fix around.
  7. While trying to put the Verlorum Prime sigil on Ash Primes back, I noticed that his spine piece(?) overlaps it, and any other sigil, making it really awkward to look at. Would be rather nice to able to see the sigils we worked hard (or paid for) to get.
  8. Shuuro

    Hotfix 16.1.5

    *AHEM* Fixes are needed for: Blade Storm Augment Mod: Rising Storm, not working as client: Throwing weapons, when thrown, are not effected by channeling OR combo counter: Arcane Trickery, does not activate off of ground finishers: Arcane Trickery, shows as default, headless, yellow invisibility when playing as client: Hope this gets some attention.
  9. Same. Just logged on recently, and it's been loading non stop. Wonder how long this is going to go on for.
  10. Shuuro

    Coming Soon: Devstream #49!

    Focus? Progress on Mios? Why aren't Nullifiers bubble effected by Chroma's Spectral Scream? Other frames 1st abilities can damage it. Focus?? Progress on Charge attacks? What ever happened to Focus??? Edit: Why doesn't primed reach work on the nullifiers bubble? Have to practically kiss the bubble for my melee to shrink it. If at all.
  11. Better not bring that topic up. People will do their darnedest to try and make a point that Chroma made at most, minimal influence from this thread. Not like any devs have posted in here or anything. *coughs* Considering the devs like to integrate ideas from their player base to the game, it would be nice to see some other concepts get put in. Considering Chroma's 3rd ability stems directly from this concept, and it's the most fun I've had brawling in the midst of level 50~60 enemies, I can't wait to see what next frame will come. The Dragon serves to be 100% fun.
  12. I've only read through a few posts on the first page, and, I realize that this line of sight uses the awareness of the user and targets. BUT! All I have to do, is kindly ask that everyone redirects their attention to around 25 seconds into the video. Radial Javelin is cast. and the Moa practically directly behind him was unharmed. Is this... really what we're going for guys? I mean. If this is going to persist. Then I have a suggestion. Have AoE(s) have 2 types of tracking. For the area immediately around you, have it work without line of sight, but the targets farther away should need line of sight/awareness. The way I see it. Shouldn't Tenno always be aware of their immediate surroundings? It would make sense that everything NEAR them should get hit regardless. While targets further away would need more confirmation.
  13. and 4th ability. We're not exactly flying, but the pelt is. Quite interesting.
  14. Well then, seems like we all know where they got the idea for the frame now. Can't deny it anymore.