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  1. The back chain of the primed suit keeps on glitching out, giving this weird...blur effect along the chain. Some screenshots of the chain blurring out while idle. Quite an expensive suit for it to be bugging out, hoping to see a fix.
  2. The custom idle animation of the stance, as well as the way you hold the blade in a reversed style does not work anymore, and you hold the blade as if you weren't using the stance at all. This is how the stance would look like normally. Only screenshot I have, new computer. This is how the stance looks currently. Held as if Blind Justice is not equipped, as well as doing the normal idle unsheathing animation. As you can see. Originally the stance let's you hold the blade straight, in a reversed grip, but now it's holding the blade at a more downward angle, as how the other 2 stances, or no stance would behave. I understand this may be a by-product of the whole, Melee 3.0 thing going on, but I thought I would point it out none-the-less.
  3. Shuuro

    Operator slide doesn't work in missions [Fixed]

    I've been wondering the same thing. Been going in and out of missions trying to get my operator to roll. Rolls/Slides perfectly fine in the liset. In missions I can't make my operator slide, even tried re-mapping the Sprint/Roll, Sprint, and Roll keys all to seperate and new buttons. No dice.
  4. Shuuro

    Ash Revisited Feedback Megathread

    So I just had an epiphany earlier, and I decided I'd like to share it with the rest of my fellow Ash mains/users. Lately DE's been kind of hush hush about the whole umbra thing, but if I recall, they wanted to make umbras unique in a way. Now, if this happens, I'll be all in for forgiving DE about this well-over-a-year drought I've been feeling with Ash. If the current Ash stays as is, but all of our collective feedback is being used as a template for an "Ash Umbra" skill set? I don't know. Just wishful thinking, but if that's the case then I'll be a happy camper at least. If not, I'll just pop in every now and then when I get an urge to play my good ol' Ash that I've spent literally thousands of hours playing. Well that's just my thought process for now. If the collective input of everyones feedback can't make it to Vanilla Ash, maybe Umbra Ash might serve as a different/alternative skill set.
  5. Shuuro

    Ash Revisited Feedback Megathread

    Man I've stopped playing this game for almost a year now huh? Still not even a word about Ash fix huh. Welp. Back to my other MMO which I can at least play without feeling like I got a stick shoved up my *** because other people cried nerf this one skill and change nothing else about the class in a positive manner which makes up for the heavy nerf. It's not like DE doesn't know how to make good frames. Frames released after Ash's *fix* proves that otherwise. Honestly such a disappointment. I can't believe I waited almost a year for this *revamp* of Ash, and foolishly waited another to see if anything would be done about it.
  6. Shuuro

    Ash Revisited Feedback Megathread

    That's just lag, it usually happens whenever you are not host. Host a mission and it should work perfectly fine
  7. Shuuro

    Ash Revisited Feedback Megathread

    I'm kind of sad. I've pretty much stopped playing Warframe because I feel so jipped. I can understand DE wanting to keep this current system. I totally get that it took resources and effort to make this new blade storm. I even gave suggestions to enhance this mark for death system to make it mesh better with our other abilities. It's in this very thread, glossed over and lost to time. I'm just so sad DE. What happened to your vision? Your goals of wanting to make Warframe abilities synergize with each other? None of that can be seen with Ash. Hell, Shuriken was practically untouched if you ignore it's punch through. Why Shuriken when you can Teleport and use a finisher? Or just... single Target blade storm if that's your cup of tea? WHAT IS THE RELEVANCE OF THIS SKILL IN ANY KIND OF MID TIER PLAY!? If you need the argument that the augment for this skill makes it amazing then I'll argue back that the augment for teleport is even better as a "damage dealer". You guys had this vision of making blade storm into some sort of... fast forwarded-high speed moving Ash that killed everything in a flash. What happened to that? It's not like you guys are at a loss of creativity. The mark system looks awesome, but it plays extremely poorly. Nidus is a perfect example of what you guys are actually capable of! Even the recent look-at of Limbo looks surprisingly nice. I know you guys have creativity to spare, I may not have been here since the beginning, but I've been here since damage 1.0. Since Nekros was the hottest thing off the shelf. I HAVE SEEN what you guys are capable of... and to see you guys just drop the ball this hard... and it's not even just that. It almost feels like this entire fraction of the community is being ignored. The Ash community has put up so much feedback, and suggestions in such a lengthy time-span, and none of it was even glossed over? Heck maybe it wasn't glossed over. Maybe you guys DID read through it all and just found it insufficient for what your vision had. But then I dare ask... what was that vision? What is the end goal here? I could probably keep on going, rant endlessly about this, but I'm tired. I am tired, and I am quite bitter and disappointed. No, this isn't a "omg he thinks he's entitled to things because he's a founder". No. THIS, is me knowing that the Devs are capable of making amazing feats that I've seen no where else, and then they decided to, what seems to me, just "not". That's it. Just "not". Ash is not Blade Storm. Blade Storm is not Ash. Please, from a long time player who knows that you devs are absolutely amazing at what you can do. I ask of you this. Please re-think what you've done with the Ash "rework", or "revamp" or whatever it's called, and please. Give it some "proper" adjustments. Thank you for your time for reading this rant of a tired Tenno.
  8. Shuuro

    The War Within: Update 19.2.0

    No Fixes for Ash. Not even surprised.
  9. Shuuro

    PC Update 19.2.0 Deploy Status 11/30/16

    I just want Ash tweaks. Not major overhauls, just, some simple tweaks to tide us over while we look over a few things.
  10. Shuuro

    Ash Revisited Feedback Megathread

    Okay, so I've ran in game and I've tested out the changes first hand. I like it a lot, but I also have some changes that I think could improve the system. Here are my thoughts. Blade Storm does not use Energy to toggle on. Keep it like this. If we get out of range of Blade Storm, the marks are taken off and we get our energy back. This makes sense so we can't have people abusing infinite range assassinations. Marking enemies feels seemless. It's not the tiny dot of the reticle that marks them, but the entire.. circle. It's a pretty generous range of targeting, even from far away. Marking targets actually feels fast and fluid. I have to say I completely disagree with the removal of clones. My suggestion on this, when we activate blade storm, we also summon our shadow clones to attack separate marked targets. This would speed things up along quite well. As it is now, we attack an enemy on the 1st mark, and the 2nd and 3rd mark on the same enemy is an attack from our shadow clone. Instead of attacking marked enemies per mark, I suggest attacking enemies only once, but intensify the damage depending on the number of marks. 1 mark for 2000 damage, 2 marks for 4000, 3 for 6000. This will solve the issue of enemies being locked in Blade Storm for too long and the others in your team can attack targets as soon as you are done with them. This speeds up blade storm significantly and should reduce stress from fellow members in your team being unable to do anything but watch. As I suggested before. Again, to add on top of the Marked for death system, allow each mark for death to apply a sort of "debuff" to enemies. While enemies are marked for death, they would take 10% more projectile/gun damage per mark, and 15% more melee damage per mark. To compensate for the damage boost, enemies killed without blade storm but by other members, or yourself using other weapons, only half the energy would be returned per kill. If you used 10 Energy to place that mark, then you should only receive 5 energy back when they die. To add even further synergy with the marked for death system, enemies that are hit by Shuriken should consume those marks, and summon a Shadow Clone in place to attack the targets that were hit by Shuriken. Only Enemies that have already been marked AND hit by Shuriken will be attacked by the shadow Clone, so even if you mark an entire room, the only enemy being hit by the shadow clone would be the enemies that were hit by Shuriken. This would allow specific targeting of Blade Storm on certain enemies while also having other enemies debuffed for extra damage. The smoke screen change is amazing. I love it. Bless you DE. Not only do we have complete unrestricted movement while casting smoke screen, but it is ALSO a ONE HANDED ACTION. This means you can cast it while shooting! While Reloading! and nothing will be interupted! This is beautiful! I love it, astounding change. Shuriken now throws straight ahead and does not hard curve to the side making it miss 60% of the time. This, coupled with the ninja buff to Shuriken a few patches ago to make it punch through enemies makes it feel much better to use. I feel that I still have to stick by my previous mention of Shuriken buff though. It feels like it needs to be changed into throwing 4 Shuriken for 250 damage each, instead of 2 Shuriken of 500 damage each. This would help the augment strip off armor, as well as help with the suggestion of having Shuriken activate Death Marks and summon Shadow Clones to blade storm targeted enemies. Other 1 abilities offer a lot more utility and I feel that Shuriken deserves some love. Slash Dash and Rhino charge knocks down, Freeze... freezes and slows a patched area if you hit a surface. Limbo completely removes an enemy from a fight. Oberon radiates enemies and makes them fight each other. Show Shuriken some love. Give it a wee bit of utility instead of throwing it forward for 200 or less damage, because guess what? Grineer armor laughs at it, and quite frankly, DE you have made Shuriken INFINTELY pointless to use now. Why use energy on Shuriken when blade storm costs FIVE energy for Two marks? Do you see the problem now? Please. Pretty please. This entire change is wonderful, but you guys made Shuriken cry. Shuriken needs a hug. Edit: Copy pasting feedback from a note pad makes posts ugly. You would think I would learn by now, but I don't.
  11. Shuuro

    Ash Revisited Feedback Megathread

    I'll come out and say it, I haven't even tried the patch yet, but I'll say this right now: Three things that probably should be considered if this is going to be his finalized version as a revamp. Firstly, make Blade Storm function as utility as well as the damage dealer as it is now. While marking targets, make targets take 10% more damage from projectiles, and 15% more damage from melee per stack. Numbers could vary, but at least this way it can function as a damage boost for the team, and when needed, turns into a nuke. To compensate for the damage boost for using normal weapons, make it so that instead of regaining the full amount of energy back for a normal kill, make it half the energy back. Also, instead of "re attacking" enemies with more stacks, just make it into one, stronger attack. Saves time, and also gets rid of the "enemies are invicible" argument people have. If it's just one strong attack, people wont have to wait for 3 hits just to kill that one annoying ancient. Now; Shuriken. Why this hasn't been touched. I'm speechless. I could go on and on about how it could have gotten a toggle function like Ivaras Arrows, or Vaubans nades, but here is something much simpler, designed to work with his rework. Firstly. Can we please, I am begging. Increase the amount of Shurikens thrown from 2 to 4, but divide the damage between them all. So instead of 500 damage for 2 Shurikens, it would be 250 damage for 4. This would allow for more targets to be hit, making the augment a lot more usable, and, let's be honest. Shuriken without the augment is garbage compared to other 1's. Slash Dash knocks down, Shock chain stuns, hell, even LIMBO's 1 can make enemies helpless. What does Shuriken do to a level 40 Gunner? About 200 damage and bleed ticks. Wow. Wonderful. Great. So, how would we make shuriken synergize with the marks for death? My solution would be quite simple, if you hit any target that is marked for death with a shuriken, you use up the death marks, and have a Shadow Clone come in and perform a blade storm. This way the increase in number of Shurikens would also help nuke down key targets, or certain targets in an area, while marking others for death and keep the boost to damage on them as I suggested before. This marked for death system has a lot of potential, we just really need to make use of it and make things work WITH the system instead of against it. Now, I have a few more things I actually have to do before I can come on and try the patch, but as soon as I do, and I feel like I need to add anything ontop, I shall return.
  12. Shuuro

    [Build Status: Friday] Update 19.1.0

    ... I don't know what to say DE. Ash was supposed to be given a rework, or at least, I thought it was going to be a rework and not a single skill being changed. I could have sworn I heard the devs say that they would want more synergy with warframe abilities. ..So where are the Shuriken and Smoke Screen changes? Is Blade Storm still going to be increasingly annoying to use against Corpus, Infested, and Orokin because any Nulifier/Ancient of any kind that comes around decides to make things near immune to damage or take a long time to kill? Didn't someone suggest on a stream that maybe Shuriken should scale with throwing weapon mods or something? Why not have shuriken activate the death marks? Or even create death marks? So many opportunities missed. Honestly I would rather take the Delux skin and have this "rework" go straight back to the drawing board. One skill being changed to be slower and virtually pointless, and making another skill being capable of targeting object, is hardly called a "rework". I think what I feel bothered by the most, is that the devs just did the same mistake the playerbase did. They look at Ash, they see Blade Storm. What about his other abilities? Don't they warrant a solid look at as well? Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of the "soon to be old" blade storm either, but it feels like a huge opprotunity was missed because the community decides to scream "Ash is Blade Storm", and so that's all that was really changed. That's... insulting to Ash mains. Well, if I remember correctly, I think Scott said that Blade Storms damage would be increased to compensate for it being slower to use? Add ontop of the 3 marks limit, maybe the damage will be nice? I'm willing to give the new change a shot, but I'm still really sad that it was the only thing looked at.
  13. Shuuro

    Hotfix 18.8.2

    May possibly need a look into this
  14. That is completely your opinion and doesn't exactly contribute to the topic at hand. I mean, they did it with Chroma and his pelt on/off thing, right? I'm sure they could find some kind of fix around.
  15. While trying to put the Verlorum Prime sigil on Ash Primes back, I noticed that his spine piece(?) overlaps it, and any other sigil, making it really awkward to look at. Would be rather nice to able to see the sigils we worked hard (or paid for) to get.