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  1. I am truly sorry to have bothered you by absolutely disagreeing with your ideas and challenging you further.
  2. "I don't remember it being 12 states. Not even sure the total potential actions would come close to that." That was a figure of speech to say "too much". "And "destroying it"? That's what you call trying to fix it?" You ain't no developer and you don't know what the engine is capable of - furthermore, it is only your interpretation of a better experience, that again I don't discard but I don't see the value of, in the context of Warframe, and that's my opinion also. You are not fixing thing things, you are giving your input based on your general understanding of video games. I respect your dedication and opinion but don't mistake it for "fixing' things unless you get to work at DE. You ain't the savior of Stealth and posting in feedback does not make your ideas more interesting, especially when you walking on the tangent of calling "fixes" improvement and suggestions. "You really seem to like "God mode". You maybe like a game that requires very little human function to play." Excuse me? On what assumption? I like any sort of games, whether they are challenging or not. Do you disregard peoples opinion because they may enjoy something more relax that having a dog sniffing you under your invisibility cloak? "Nothing about this game is screaming "realism" by how we live. But it needs to..." I agree with all of this but Waframe is not a movie, it's much more complex and requires way more suspension of disbelief as many other games that claim and propose "realism" as a base of building their world. I thought you would get why I referenced Metal Gear Solid there. "Furthermore, this just seems to jump on the "gets in the way of my grind" argument." I have never made that point claiming this nor that I have even suggested it. I don't know why you would assume that. I made it clear that I respect your opinion but that I dislike your suggestions and explained why, in my time of playing Warframe, I see next to little interest having such a system in place. --------- EDIT: Two things will happen, you will either play the game and understand over time the game limitations and gameplay choices or be forever unsettled by it. I have played video games for almost 40 years now, and one thing is clear - there is no perfect world building nor there is even real immersion, it all depends on how you decide to have fun and suspend your disbelief - It requires understanding and acceptance and it requires to really dive deep and long into a game to see what is actually really lacking, and for Warframe, stealth is the last of the problems. EDIT 2: You have barely touch and you want to conform it to many other games out there. Just get a solid grip of it first, please.
  3. Tell me if I am wrong, I think you are looking for more "realism". And I don't think it's the right answer, in any video games, ever. Rules and logic only belong in that space, even in Metal Gear Solid - to the point of being either stupidly difficult or downright masochistic. Being invisible in Warframe is almost "God mode" because that is exactly what it is suppose to do, albeit some limitation coming of slow movement (Ivara), sensor triggering, sound being heard (Ash), Camera visibility but no sensor triggering (Limbo), etc. All your points to increase the sneak difficulty are just destroying it by making almost impossible to remain silent and/or invisible by moving a toe. In your final words, you say that you want to feel immersed and I understand that. My opinion is that there is no need of 12 levels of alert states within one game mode applied by the player style. Immersivity is different from realism and realism is not what a video game is. Games like MGS are build solely on that premise and that's why they can go further that what Warframe is proposing. EDIT: I love Warframe as much as you do, and like you I think it can benefit for more polish and more depth in some gameplay area. I hope I haven't misunderstood you.
  4. The design is not the problem but the camera angle that was set in the Captura. There is nothing wrong with the model.
  5. Get behind a crew ship, destroy its engine with your main gun, eject from your seat. They will send a boarding party.
  6. Being an independent studio (employing more than 20 people) is really hard if not impossible these days. The cost of production in the video game industry is tremendously high due to the fact that almost everybody is specialized in their field of work. Being own, in part, by parent companies mean that you can take a hit or a few bad month without having to fire anybody and keeping on producing and expanding and not falling behind the market. As an example, I work for a small communication company that owns 4 radios and 2 online newspapers, we sell local ads on all platform. Even with half of the employees being Sales representative and working on commission, and the rest of the salaries not being high, it's very hard to turn a profit as salaries and equipment maintenance alone takes the majority of the revenues. If we were not backed up by local entrepreneurs, we will have had to shut down many times over.
  7. No. We just don't understand what you are describing. Not sure if you are trolling or not at this point.
  8. I'll wait the third for the third hotfix to use it but that sound fun.
  9. 12 hours feels right to me. Because it will be available the next day no matter when you log in but never during the same session. Every 24hours crafting time should be 12 in my mind.
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