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  1. Tonight on Prime Time, we are very excited to announce the pre-order launch of the exclusive Valkyr Skin Hoodie, brought to you by For Fans By Fans! This amazing artwork was designed by Warframe Community fan artist Brock Hofer (Baddrock), and will be featured on this new one-of-a-kind Hoodie, as well as a few other pieces of previous merchandise available on the ForFansByFans Website. Hoodie Details: - Welt side pockets - Ribbed cuffs and hem for a stay-put fit - Logo label on the cuff - Men's fit zip-up hoodie - Slim fit; order one size one up for a looser fit - Made of warm 100% polyester tricot *Reminder that this item is only currently available for PRE-ORDER with an estimated delivery date of November 1st - November 8th, 2019. Don’t miss out on the chance to get your hands on this unique piece of official Warframe Merchandise here!
  2. Hello Tenno! I have had the wonderful pleasure of joining the Warframe Partner Program team this year, and I am so excited to officially announce which Warframe Partners you can expect to see on July 6th at TennoCon 2019! There will be plenty of opportunities to meet and greet with Warframe Partners, including multiple time slots in the schedule set aside specifically for this purpose! So without further adieu, here are your Warframe Partner TennoCon 2019 Attendees!
  3. Accepted submissions refers to designs that will be officially licensed and turned into merch on the ForFansByFans website. Only accepted submissions will receive the 1000 plat prize. The point of the contest is to see your awesome designs on the list of products above to turn into official TennoCon merch! We're also not just looking for amazing drawing skills - so give it your best shot! We want to see creativity, originality, and most of all our community's love and appreciation for all things Warframe.
  4. Nope! You can submit as many designs as your creative hearts desire
  5. If you follow the submission link here you'll see all the product dimensions, as well as links to download templates for each specific product on the right-hand side under 'Submission FAQ'! You can also choose which products to submit a design for, if you want to do all of them - go for it!
  6. We are ecstatic to announce that we have once again teamed up with ForFansByFans to bring you the TennoCon 2019 Design Challenge! Not only will selected winning designs be revealed first as exclusive merch at TennoCon on July 6th, but you will also earn commission on your official licensed merchandise to be sold on the FFBF website after the convention! We are looking for designs for these products: T-shirts Mouse Pads Messenger Bags Pillow Cases Wallets Art Prints Backpacks Guidelines: Design something original, creative and inspired by the Warframe world Use only characters and themes from the Warframe universe. Designs that contain costumes owned by community artists will not be accepted. Do not submit ‘mash-ups’ or “cross-overs” Do not use any copyrighted, 3rd party or inappropriate materials Prizes: *Note, there will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize for EACH product category (t-shirts, mouse pads etc.) Contest winners will be picked for the prizes below, but many designs will still be produced. All accepted submissions will receive 1000 Platinum + commission on all future sales.) 1st Place - 1 TennoCon VIP Swag Bag (includes Collectors Statue, TennoCon 2019 Collectors T-shirt + lots of other TennoCon merch) 2nd Place - Equinox Prime Access 3rd Place - 1000 additional Platinum All entries must be submitted here by May 30th 2019. Good luck Tenno! We can’t wait to see what you create!
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