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  1. update: apparently the Xoris is a thing and you can quite easily get all the kills you need with it. nvm still hit or miss with the candidate spawns. sometimes they spawn immediatly after. sometimes 5 minutes after. sometimes i get tired of waiting and just leave. edit: furthermore, and this has to be a bug. if the sister candidate does spawn. sometimes they will despawn immediatly after initating combat with them, while giving me what i can only quess is dialoque for me having been defeated by them? what.
  2. thanks for proving my point! But if it truly is only 25 kills. why no sister candidate spawns? do i have to wait around in mission for 10 minutes? will try i suppsoe.
  3. As the title says. so if i understand this correctly. you need to do T3 (zenith coin) nightmare granum void and kill 75x level 50 errant specters. (alone) And only then will there be a chance of a sister candidate spawning? Who thought this was a good idea? First of all. so far the granum void has only been a niche minigame to punish people that wanted protea. I would quess only a small fraction of players even knew much about it until SoP. Second. Beating this minigame hardlocks you into using very few specific meta nuke/cc frames. which severely limits the accessibility, potentially even to long time players. And third. you have to go trough this literal hell-mode potentially several times? As far as my experience with that god forsaken minigame goes: I despise the frames associated with it's completion with fiery passion. no one want's to team up to complete it to get sisters due to how it works. There's still never enough specters to get the required kills within the time frame which i thought was fixed by now. treasurer bullet sponges are not a fun game mechanic. why is the requirement 75 specter kills when you can only reasonably be expected to get 30-40 max. I could go on, but my main point stands: Why put an addition to the existing kuva lich system behind a incomplete side-minigame that few players are able to do?
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