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  1. In the future, it would be beneficial for those of us planning our gaming to know that things like removal of the resource booster in advance. This is a pretty low-blow for those of us that have been looking forward to a 8x+cat boost farming exploiter orbs. I feel kinda ripped off here. (having bought a 3-day resource booster specifically for this two hours ago)
  2. mining doesn't show the type of resource received as it did before. it shows an icon in the middle of the screen, but no text. (although it does still show at the bottom of the screen in small text) -- also, when using your k-drive while having a mining laser equipped... when you dismount the k-drive, you're now 'unarmed' instead of still equipped with your mining laser. no idea if this was reported or not yet, just thought i'd add.
  3. riven mods disposition should be altered as the wind blows (i.e. change them whenever the hell you feel like it) but, for the love of god, bring back sentinel riven mods. these should NOT be removed.
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