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  1. Not my footage. Apparently this is on PC too, probably the other platforms as well. Limbo becomes immune to the rift effect in the ropalolyst boss fight tile set. His roll will not let him riftwalk and standing in a cataclysm will not put you in the rift. It works fine the whole mission up until the boss. Rift still works fine on normal enemies. Haven’t tested allies. This is regardless of any other affects during the fight because it starts immediately and lasts as long as I stayed in the fight. Obviously I’m not gonna stay Limbo if he’s broken.
  2. Dude that’s what I’ve been saying this whole time! It’s been in the game since the fight released.
  3. It’s not a problem of attacks going through the rift, it’s an issue of the rift not applying its buff to allies regardless of any buff or debuff states. Just watch this it’s not mine but it shows the bug/poor design choice. If you look closely Limbo is in his own cataclysm physically. It hasn’t been popped by any nullifier effects from ropey. However, he is not in the rift. He is behaving like an operator would in the cataclysm. The dash should put Limbo in the rift but it doesn’t. Abilities were cast so he’s not nullified. So it’s a bug. Frames aren’t supposed to be immune to their own powers. At this point I expect some boss attacks to go through the rift. That’s common place now. Without the rift Limbo is useless.There is no adapt. Your rift is your energy and your damage reduction and your crowd control. It’s a force of nature that Limbo is the only master over. It fuels your quick thinking for people who use that. The only limbo that isn’t completely useless in this scenario is one that is poorly modded with tank mods and rolling guard (granted this one is good on limbo anyway). For someone who plays all new content with their favorite frame with all the forma and deluxe skin and all the works, this really sucks. As soon as I found out we were getting a sentient boss fight I thought how cool it would look to bring my za warudo sentient void time wizard to slay an eldritch-esque screeching sentient horror. Behold my disappointment. Dash. Nothing. Banish. Hmmm, works on the enemies. Stasis. This works too. I guess I’m not nullified. One shot with no health mods and have zero energy because I used quick thinking. Got an idea: Press 4. No rift, but enemies are banished. WTF. Void dash to lamp. Stops working half way through because sentients are nullifiers now and can also nullify operators, obviously. Pushed back to frame. Fall to black screen. Come back as bugged Limbo moon walking animation glitch. Die again. Quit. Rejoin as Volt. Shield blocks all damage and works properly. Speed helps with the fight too. Press 4 to stun the trash mobs. EZ fight.
  4. I think you really should reread what I wrote. I’ve read the rift plane wiki dozens of times. It’s a bit outdated and missing some things, but none of it gives any explanation or why a warframe not under the effects of a nullifier type effect should be immune to the rift buff. Quoted from the wiki article you linked, pardon my formatting I’m on a phone: In order for Warframes to enter the Rift plane, there must be a Limbo in the Squad. The Limbo can either Banish players, or create a Cataclysm which temporarily warps a zone of the material plane into the Rift. Additionally, Limbo can enter and leave the Rift at will (with his Companion in tow, if any) by dodging (default ctrl ), briefly leaving a small portal in his wake that allies can touch to enter the Rift temporarily. None of this works as stated in the fight. I think you should bring Limbo into the fight and try it yourself if you don’t understand what I’m trying to say. I don’t have any recording software to show you.
  5. It’s hard to adapt when game mechanics are inconsistent and broken. I’m not demanding the game change to suit my whims. I’m saying a mechanic that has worked in EVERY SINGLE MISSION IN THE GAME should also work in new content, unless the new content gives a valid excuse to why that tool behaves differently. Limbo is not under nullification when the rift isn’t working. In fact you can stand in a cataclysm and not be in the rift. Expecting mechanic to work properly is not demanding the game change to suit my whims.
  6. Limbo’s weakness is nullifiers, arbitration drones, and enemies that are immune to stasis or the rift. There’s been a lot of those recently. That’s like saying Saryn is too strong so let’s leave a bug in the game that makes her spores uncastable.
  7. I don’t know if you’ve experienced the fight as Limbo or not but it doesn’t sound like you understand. I don’t expect the Ropalolyst to be rifted like other enemies. It’s an eidolon and they can’t be rifted. My problem is the rift DOES NOT WORK AT ALL. Roll, you make the dimension shift sound. Immediately you are back in the normal plane. Strangely though, you aren’t under nullification effects. You can cast 1,2,3, and 4. Allies that are banished immediately leave the rift. The portal you make does not work. You can stand in cataclysm like your operator and although your abilities work on the enemies, you as a warframe in the boss fight tileset cannot have the rift buff, even while standing in a pocket of space that has been ripped into the rift. It’s like you are in the Cetus gates or Fortuna elevator, meaning you get pulled out of the rift instantaneously. I don’t want to stasis the boss, nor mind control or disarm it. That would be an inconsistent game mechanic since none of the eidolons work like that. In fact, I would be okay with being pulled out of the rift like you get pulled back into your warframe or nullified as much as I despise that. That would be fair because that happens to other frames in the fight as well. If DE doesn’t like the frame they designed they should nerf or rework the frame instead of letting bugs make balance decisions for them like the whole Mesa arcane velocity debacle that we had a few months ago. Yeah Limbo is cheese, but at the cost of making enemies immune to most of the tools in your arsenal. Also, lots of enemies are either immune to stasis, the rift, both, and some even make their allies immune to the rift as well. Regardless, cheese doesn’t make you finish the fight and get rewards faster. I’d go as far to say that there are a lot of frames that are less balanced or more cheese than Limbo is, and cheese is not the thing to balance if you are concerned about that sort of thing in a boss fight in the middle of the star chart.
  8. Exactly. There’s a difference in something being useful or irrelevant than broken and ignored.
  9. I’m not saying the fight is hard. Its just a dangerous precedent to have things not work for no reason and not fix them because doing so would make the content easier or more convenient.
  10. The rift LITERALLY does not exist in the tile set where the boss fight occurs. I know there’s a nullification pulse, abilities frequently get turned off and put on cooldown, operators are locked in Tenno form and sometimes forced back into the frame, void dash just stops working, etc. Having played the fight as Volt, Oberon, and Zephyr, it’s clear that this is a bug. Abilities work. In fact, the rift and stasis work on enemies that aren’t CC immune in the fight. Volt shield protects against some attacks. Phoenix renewal works on some attacks. Why doesn’t the rift work? Please clarify. Is this an intended mechanic, or a bug? If it’s not a bug, I would like a logical explanation on why a mechanic and by extension the frame that relies on that mechanic is removed from the Ropalolyst fight. If you aren’t comfortable with the power you gave Limbo, then rework him or something. Don’t allow bugs to balance your game for you. If you don’t want powers to work at all, clarify that in the fight and expect 4 Inaros with corrosive projection and 5 forma Rubico Primes to steamroll your content. -Signed, a salty Limbo main
  11. I usually only play profit taker when it’s time for me to go to bed. If it crashes I go to bed. If it doesn’t I keep playing. It’s a pretty reliable way to go to bed on time tbh. Crashes without fail at least 1/2 of the time.
  12. Limbo and allies cannot exist in the rift like operators or when you are in the Fortuna elevator or Cetus gates. Banish does not work on allies. Riftwalk passive and portals don’t work. Cataclysm works but only affects enemies that can be rifted. I suspect whatever tech was used to nullify void dash, if that’s intended, or used for loading screens for open worlds has something to do with that. I don’t know anything about coding so take that with a grain of salt. I’m just going off when it’s normal for the rift to behave that way. On a side note, PLEASE add a visible debuff or cooldown to keep track of when you can and can’t void dash, as well as when transference as an operator is nullified.
  13. What’s the deal with so many enemies nullifying or being immune to abilities lately? Also immune to status?
  14. With all of the operator arcanes we have that heal your warframe, will we ever get any that grant energy? I feel like they arcane choices that we have aren’t helping the focus meta since Vazarin’s most reliable tool, healing you and your team, can be replaced with arcanes that aren’t as strong, but leave you room to use other focus schools for their utility. Maybe for yourself only, or make a conditional buff to earn your energy.
  15. What’s the story on Outrider poncho? Seeing the lack of poncho at Fortuna release compared to the Dev Stream it was shown on makes me so sad. I genuinely want to know if we will ever get outrider poncho and if not why. I’m so disappointed that it was changed. There was even a reddit post that someone made that expressed my frustrations. I don’t even why it was changed the set was so perfect the way it was.
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