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  1. thank you! thats all for now, when i make more i'll post em here 🙂 aww yess thanks!
  2. My warframe doodles and minicomics, just for fun 😄 ! I don't really post my art anywhere (yet?), not good at keeping up social medias 😅 (I have an instagram but it's mostly for joke screenshots) Kinderframes.. Kiddyframes? i don't know, i just got this idea of frames being little kindergarten children, the lotus as the principal, and their drop bosses as their parents 😂 and a very tired dad with two daughters and a zanu-dog Wolf of saturn six Wolf and his pups— err i mean fugitives Papa Tyl's grindeer™ profile pic (from the plenty of servofish contest) -- hope y'all enjoy em 😄
  3. It would be lovely if we could scale the sigils smaller! IMO the current minimal sigil scaling system is still to big and ended up looking out of places and make it hard to blend nicely with the fashionframes (and fashion operators). Smaller ones would look like badges that can be positioned nicely and add more aesthetic to it.
  4. Just for fun, i tried to create a grineer operator mask with plains of eidolon / cetus kinda feeling... ended up being an edgy-er version of the mask lol im just very passionate about grineer aesthetic pls excuse me also DE pls gibe graxx operator cosmetic 😭
  5. My entry~ A lonely single father with bunch of naughty naughty manic children.. Tyl Regor needs some love too! and someone to help him take care of those naughty manics and yes i doodle it myself, don't worry its 100% original content ayy full link here >> https://imgur.com/Y29Y0Ut ❤️
  6. My digital entry! : https://imgur.com/a/hTGetYy a Christmas card from Biz for all the people of Fortuna! ❤️ (and yes, that's little duck right there, hehehe)
  7. Here's my entry for the artwork contest ! Full size linked below because it's too big 😅 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ FULL RESOLUTION: https://imgur.com/ynEVWaA ________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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