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  1. I do wonder if it's possible to make it so you can change the skin on the exalted weapon to its non-primed variant, like let's say you don't like Exalted Umbral Blade, so you change the skin back to regular Exalted Blade. This could be possible considering you now can toggle prime variants with Umbra on and off to become regular Excalibur. I'm hoping this can be implemented to satisfy more base Excalibur cosplayers so they don't have to look at a bent sword for an Exalted weapon.
  2. Hmmm yes, now we wait until DE removes or lowers the gilding level requirements. It would be really handy if that happened considering it would be a waste of dedication if an MR 8 or lower made a Kitgun or Zaw with days of grinding to then be told you have to be a certain level with the syndicate to even gild it.
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