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  1. So i recently wanted to finish my vessel after a time because i want to get inaros but i guess thats not the case! I found it suspicious already that Baro didnt say anything but i just shrugged it off because his voice was annoying anyway, so i went to my mission to wait for Denials to spawn to kill them and nothing seemed wrong at the moment so i killed the 5 or 3 that i needed and extracted just to find out that Baro still haven't said anything eventhough my vessel was full, even the damn mission stated that i should kill more bursas! Only encoutered this on PC since i dont have other consoles to play this on so yeah, there is that. So i guess Baro hates me (Please fix this i want my Inaros).
  2. Thanks DE for your awesome hotfixes and updates <3 :D
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