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  1. interesting, post some stats and show everything in detail it may be easier for us to look at your frame
  2. its not done well my guy you need to explain it better and have everything ready to post
  3. im a bit confused because it wasnt explained well but it sounds good, add stats, and make it easier to undertsand please
  4. wouldnt shield and armour be more because it is a barrier warframe 🙄😕
  5. i honestly think this is one of the best ideas so far, i was just thinking if you were planning on desgining a warframe for it too, and if you did what would it look like
  6. (PS4)Neo7590


    so i played Vauban and honestly he isn't that bad as people make him out to be, he's pretty efficient if you use the right mods and if you use him in a right way, i mean look at frost or any frame for that matter, you have to know your frame to use them well, not everything needs cool effects or high damage numbers if you know how to use the abilities right in conjunction with the weapons
  7. i did not know that... WAIT is that why orochimaru hates Itachi
  8. so i have only one more warframe space left and im debating on whether or not to build Nezha or loki first to gain mastery from, and after that which one of the two should i keep, i decidedi would build everything else to gain mastery but out of loki, Nezha and Limbo which would be worth keeping?
  9. no worries dude maybe your subconscious wanted it, but lets be honest an orochimaru themed frame is badass
  10. Ah alright if you've watched Naruto or anime you'd know that Orochi is a name of a character in there who also uses pretty much the exact same stuff
  11. 🌝 i see where you got this name, you sneaky guy and ye not a bad idea tbh but still Orochi 🌝 i see you fam i see you
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