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  1. They're *not* actually machines though. Lore states that they're more or less re-animated corpses. That's not going into further detail regarding the Infestation and what not, but the all boils down to the insides of a frame being organic. Hell, you said it yourself. Frames that are bodies that require the usual functions to survive. Bodies that require armor for protection. That's why frames are capable of bleeding. The fact that they are bodies further support why those kinds of designs *can* make sense. I also think you're just looking at a coincidence. There's a number of skins that get in even in recent times that reflect the fact that underneath the armor *are* bodies, and thus use clothing or accessories because it just looks more natural than just... bolting plates of steel all over a frame as if they were a tank. An older but DE designed example would be the Excalibur Proto skin. Newer examples would be Mesa Prime, who I swear looks like she's wearing ass-less chaps. Not to mention Limbo, who is quite literally wearing a suit; complete with cuffs on the wrists. Why would a frame need coat tails? It's because it's just a cool looking style, and shouldn't be looked that far into. That's why having belts and S#&$ on a frame isn't that crazy. There's a few lore-breaking skins such as the very, very recent Harrow deluxe skin where he's missing a huge chunk of his torso, but hey; atleast he seems to still have a heart in there. So I don't think DE's problems is down to your specific theory.
  2. Eeyup Though I kinda prefer the older version of the Jotenheim skin, and if I had to wager a guess, I'd assume that the changes came due to DE's requests. Here's a side-by-side of the old version and the new version respectively Here's a comparison: The energy went from a sleek, rune-ic design to a far more generic look, and the body lost the belt-straps and fancy patterns. This is also evident on the syandana. Maybe they didn't want it stepping on the toes of their own Prime design so they wanted it to be taken down in terms of detail hehehe It's still a damn good skin mind you, and this is just me guessing that the changes were made due to DE input. It could very well be MZ-3 making them on his own and to be honest, it doesn't even matter; picking it up without a doubt, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't prefer the old version. Soz to those who didn't get their favorites in this round. But there's a lot of good talent in the community, and rounds can only be so big.
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