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  1. Yeah, free stuff is such a ripoff! Good grief, the entitlement on these boards is absurd.
  2. Anathema! When I introduce someone to the game, they have to farm their own materials. My 7 million scrap is MINE.
  3. I still can't switch to turret weapons on Forward Artillery (PS4), triangle does nothing.
  4. I gilded and mastered the Ballad Zaw, but in my profile, it lists it as having reached rank 27. But in the foundry, it displays the "mastered" icon, as you can see in my pictures. Hoping I'm not locked out of the MR for those last 3 levels. Foundry Mastery page Also, only being to share images through URL is a huge pain.
  5. I find it utterly laughable how entitled the vast majority of (vocal) players are when it comes to drops, lol.
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