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  1. Every time I am in spoiler mode in Cetus my sentinel won't stop scanning. What is it scanning? No idea. Kavats in derelict are invisible Teleporting loot at gate will spawn the shards above the gate even if the lure is on the ground. Customizing spoiler body has the same lighting issue the arsenal used to have. You can see; zoomed in but once you move to the body it is dark,
  2. Meso C4 relic claims it drops at "Saturn: ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???,Caracol ..." Also, if this was not fixed with this update - Please re-add the healthbars for eidolons. Thank you
  3. Health bars have been missing on eidolons and on other players when in duel mode. This seems to affect only some of us.
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