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  1. A few bugs. 1. I am currently seeing the focus convergence orb even if I don't have a lens installed on anything. 2. If you don't plan on changing spoiler dash mechanics can you please review the (POE) dashing above shrine mechanics. For some reason it is bugged at that location. Dashing above the shrine literally pulls you back to the location before dashing.
  2. When you are in Wukong's ult and you run out of energy you get stuck with his hands next to his body and unable to use any weapons or switch to spoiler mode. First time this happened I had to abort the mission. The second time it got fixed when I recovered some energy. I also had the twin active at the time.
  3. A few bugs. Solo gameplay * On y-day's defense sortie in gas city I could not give my secondary to the defense target. * I cannot see zaw parts when linked from chat while I am in game. I can while in ship * All arcanes currently state they can be exchanged for 100 ducats. * Vapos Elite Crewman and other blue units become immortal in disruption. This is the same bug as with Lt. Lech Kril. You see the status effect but damage taken is nil. Otherwise I can one shot them so this is not damage issue. It happens about every other mission. It is a bit annoying. * operator dashing is not working on the flydolon fight * Flydolon is not affected by arcanes edited to add: * When copying main colors to an attachment, if the emissive/energy secondary is empty, it gets automatically chosen. * When purchasing wisps from Onko I cannot delete the default value. So If I want 20 I need to type 19 and go up with an arrow or I need to go up a value and add a zero. We were able to just delete and type in a number before. * Banshee Soprana skirt clips very badly, not only when double jumping but also during aim glyde, Which means I am looking at this 95% of the time. PLEASE fix it? https://imgur.com/cpB4iqN
  4. Please fix Valkyr not getting a buff icon when she uses her second ability? Thank you
  5. Please allow us to drop off points (either on ground or at revival tower), make them manually collectible, or mark them on the map. Even with vacuum disabled we are still forced to picked them up if we don't see them or miss them if we are going too fast in search for more enemies. A issue is not the revival but when we are debuffed and that we don't have that choice. \Which means a player may feel the pressure to get rid of the debuff points and abandon an objective such as popping life support, protecting extractor or defence target in order to not die. I use melee quite a lot with life steal in arbitration. In a crowd of infested I cannot control if I will collect the points. So in order to avoid this I will need to resort to guns and lose my combo counter. Which also forces me out of my game playstyle. It feels a bit limiting to me. Again, this is about choice. I have not yet tested the points visibility with the new color change, but I know it gets crazy colourful in infested missions sometimes. I just hope this for now is enough. Another thing I have been noticing since yesterday. Even if there are no drones nearby, I get enemies with the arbitration drone aura. Those enemies are invincible for a period of time but after can be killed. This has been an issue on Corpus missions only so far. Here are some images https://imgur.com/a/2bQDFeA Another issue I have when I host endless missions (in all game modes) is that if someone is extracting I get a notification for a few seconds and then it disappears. Which makes me assume the person was maybe just looting in the area. If I don't see a notification there is no reason for me to assume someone is leaving. But they eventually end of leaving. I only have that issue when I host. While this is not too big of a deal as it is not causing a host migration, I would like to know if teammates are extracting. And a general request, for non arbitration and none nightmare missions, please increase extraction time to 60 second for separate extraction or/and add an indication the host is in the extraction area. 30 seconds are not enough to cross a large map, and often the host does not communicate nor will wait when asked. Unfortunately due to map size, squad spread over multiple tiles, the time limit, and waypoints overlap it is sometimes impossible to know who is extracting. Sometimes I am fine with host migration, but sometimes I would like not to risk it. Surely I am not alone in this.
  6. DE, a beautiful update!! One request - please re-call the POE Loc-pins into our inventory (i'm fine with deleting it too). My entrance loc-in is currently 880 meters off the entrance and into the air. I am not able to reach it with my archwing as I seem to stop at about 10 meters away from it.
  7. You are entitled to your opinions. I have no problem with that. The reason why I am debating with you and will keep doing so is that you are requesting the opposite of my request because it is inconvenient for you and disregarding an issue many players have. You can disagree with that, again that does not make it true or "only me" issue. You seem to be quite active on this forum. If you have not noticed the complaints maybe you should do a bit of a search on losing all progress and rewards on host migration. You can also try the subreddit. So disagree to disagree with you that this is a matter of opinion. It is a matter of fact, and one that can be improved by DE by making it easier for everyone to extract when host extracts. HOW they handle is something I care less. I would be perfectly fine if we just get a pop-up as in defense. So rather than getting hung on some 30 seconds that really will not affect your quality of gaming, either suggest something constructive, or please try to understand that because you don't have an experience of something, does not mean said experience does not exist. True both in gaming and in life.
  8. Saying "it is more than enough" does not make it fact, but only shows inconsideration towards other players. A low MR on a large excavation missions where the extraction waypoint is not even visible has no chance of extracting in 30 seconds if too far. If you cannot wait for others, here is a similarly ridiculous solution that I could respond to you as a solution to your "problem" - Play solo! And even IF extraction it was 30 seconds for non endless missions, that would not matter, because in that case you get extracted with the host. And since dedicated servers will not be established any times soon I am not going to be quiet and not ask for an improvement on the separate extraction implementation. Unlike you, I am perfectly fine waiting the additional 30 seconds in extraction with the host if that means 3 of us will not lose all progress and rewards. Just a reminder that separate extractions are for endless missions, which means the player has already invested anywhere from 5 minutes to hours of time. I would say another 30 second wait are worth it.
  9. Even if there is a way to force myself to be the host, I wouldn't. This is not a solution nor a constructive response.
  10. Not really. Sometimes it is 30, but most often it is 60. However 30 seconds is not enough time to prevent host migration which is what I and I am sure many others want to avoid.
  11. I did the 40 wave defense this morning without an issue, however Index was the problematic one for me. I got the pop-up, but not the standing and the mark it has been completed. Please fix that one. Also, please increase extraction time to 60 seconds for separate extractions and make it clear when the host extracts (change text to "host is in extraction" or something similar). 30 seconds are not enough for 1000 meters and people don't always wait. Sometimes you are too far away to know who is extracting.
  12. Exploiter orb bugs: 1. I keep getting a "Get to the objective: 0 players waiting for you" during phase 2. 2. Reward does not show up in reward screen. I need to check in my inventory. That happens a 100% of time. I know other people that get that issue as well 3. After exiting the cave from phase 1 in the fight my loc-pin locations are gone. 4. Also, not sure if this is intentional, but the orb can kill valk while in god mode.
  13. I am unable to log-in after latest update.
  14. I am unable to log-in after latest update.
  15. All Tennogen Oculus accessories have a list cost of nil. Cost visible correctly on steam No Chat and no whisper option. Hair highlight and tips are swapped on the new styles Increased "network not responding" error including log-in issues
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