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  1. Apparently it has been locked multiple times, though I wasn't there to see any of this happen, older (👵) and more experienced users would probably be able to confirm whether I'm not mistaken here.
  2. "Following their own doctrine to achieve Profit, The Perrin Sequence have turned away from the Corpus ideology that conflict must be capitalized upon. Instead these merchants search for ways to exercise their trade without instigating violence." Yeah, without instigating violence, untill "We have decided that you are bad for business." ...and the next thing you see is a highly specialised squad of armed MOA units, programmed to kill!
  3. I agree; and I can see couple of other reasons why the limit is put in place. I just tried to think from the position of e.g. someone not having a lot of time to play normally, who happens to have one free weekend, enaugh to stockpile 50 Cephalite or so, to than be able to enjoy full storyline of Glassmaker without worrying about spending more time on grind. But well, it isn't really a big problem, rather a minor inconvenience at best 😛
  4. It appears that we can only have 20 of those in the Inventory, as the last three encounters I run into didn't reward a single drop of Cephalite Resonance, leading me to belive it might not be a bug, but a limit put in place intentionally. My feedback is: please remove this limit (sorry if it's just my RNG, confirmation would be welcome ;)), as it serves only the purpose of slowing down Tenno not fortunate enaugh to have a lot of time for grinding, while for others making the cephalite enemies encounters feel less rewarding.
  5. After learning here, on the forum, what I was supposed to do, the sequence went rather smoothly. Not a huge fan of the fact that (as always 🙂) we don't get anything resembling a guide on the first try. Luckily 10 Cepha-wololos is not really hard to get, that's something. But yeah, DE menaged to pull the same trick on me again, not letting me know how to interact with something, and I, once more, menaged to not see it coming, but still love you DE ♡
  6. Honestly the whole thing sounds kinda interesting, until I remember that each attempt costs me whole 10 cepha-things. I'm probably going to have a PTSD of sorts now, since I literally jumped down from the first platform, expecting to be teleported back up 🙂
  7. I totally agree, the whole thing is confusing, and I get that it maybe SHOULD be (after all, it's solving a murder mystery we are talking about) but please don't punish us for trying to learn what this system is about, as OP stated, the first confrontation is really panic-inducing. For me it probably means just waiting for someone on YouTube to explain everything, as I do not have enaugh time to hunt glassed enemies over and over again to even understand what I'm expected to do.
  8. I hope we do, I'm all about LARGE spaceships, have been modelling my Dojo interior to reasemble one ♡
  9. Same problem for me, curious if there is an option to manually flip it either on Steam's or DE's side if contacted via Customer Support or something
  10. It better be farmable through cracking open cabbage painted brown
  11. According to my playlist lately it turns out that Linkin Park xD I used to listen to them when I was like 14 and "teen-sad"; I bet many people had that phass in their lives. Sooo probably my brain decided that it's my sad time music, and since I've been feeling absolutely devastated for a little more than 2 months now, I can only assume my subconciousness is acting accordingly, gathering familiar totems of sadness if that makes sense.
  12. Honestly it hurts a little...
  13. Oh so many great ideas in one place! To make it even better, I suggest changing the game's name from harsh-sounding "Warframe" to gloriously superior "Conclave"!
  14. Can confirm, reading this forum is sooo much fun
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