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  1. Hey we got a fix, sadly I'm still missing one, I should have 23 not counting the one that is subsumed right now. - But as @Jaynat pointed out if you look from underneath you can see a stem that might be from the missing 23rd flower. (I marked the other ones too, in order to clarify its position) Maybe we have to update this until a bunch of people have subsumed all 44 frames and we know all the possible spawn locations of the flowers so DE can fix the ones stuck in wall geometry. Also I saw a dev response in a diffrent topic, just saying that they are havin
  2. They should just make the flowers a placeable decoration that gets awarded to your inventory after the subsume finishes (or let the helminth send it to you if thats technically required) then all placement issues are gone and players can express themselves by placing them however they want.
  3. If you guys still have issues, lets collect everything in an updated thread and get things changed:
  4. But the floor is where many players want and expect them, lets make the a placeable decoration and collect our feedback in one thread. Lets get things changed together:
  5. I have similar issues and they persist after all the hotfixes. Lets collect our feedback in an updated thread and get things changed together:
  6. Hey, I have similar issues. Lets collect our feedback and get change together:
  7. I have similar issues, lets collect our feedback and achieve change together:
  8. I have similare issues, lets collect it all in a post with the current patch tagged and see if we can get things to change together:
  9. Hey, I have similar issues, lets collect all our findings and see if we can achieve change together: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1222352-2907-missingbugged-helmith-flowers-collection-post-your-images/
  10. Hello everyone, with update 29.0.6 they annonced this: I thought my bugs might still be fixed, but seeing [DE] Rebecca's garden on stream saddened me a lot and let me lose hope (see below for reference) According to her thats 4 subsumes = 4 flowers, all neatly arranged at the foot of the wall, just as I imagined it. My current situation: 1. Flower: Rhino, grew sideways....*sigh* fine, at least it's unique 2. Flower: Chroma, damn that looks so much nicer, you can see the color and everything, I wish all of them look like that... 3. Flower: Protea
  11. Same for me....hope they fix it quickly, cause thats really killing my motivation to interact with the whole conservation system on deimos 😞 At least the new guns and blades work normally
  12. Have this bug aswell since the derelict move patch
  13. Same issue here, I was wondering why leveling took so long but found the issue after some runs. You have to level them without the mod until they fix it. Also did any of you get mastery experience from the gilded vulpas? I leveled my gilded sly and got nothing. I'm holding out on the other ones until some fixes roll in...
  14. Got the same issue not fixable in normal missions because you cant use archwing there.
  15. But did you get any mastery experience from the gilded pets? I just finished my first two vulpas, panzer and sly, but got nothing.....
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