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  1. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  2. This is DE you're talking about who apparently A) lack common sense or B) clearly do not understand the context of why people do xyz game modes. Exhibit A) arbitrations: Hmm... +300% strength Khora +300% dmg Dual Raza with a Riven on Infested survival. Yeah no... Is it really a surprise that, I'll stay there for a good couple of hours because of the juicy buffs and the right mission type. Exhibit B) Kuva Survival Requiems: Again staying for a couple of hours because Kuva farming with Khora/Nekros enjoying the bonuses from the Endless mission bonuses. Exhibit C) ESO: what's the point of having a leaderboard if you're just going to be trade banned for performing well? On that note of DE not understanding why people use xyz take a look at the Paracesis riven dispo nerf. The Paracesis is fine don't get me wrong but the reason for why people used the bloody thing was because back then we didn't have the free handout of the Shedu blueprint. We had to build and use the Paracesis to crack the red crystal letting us get the cutscene for the Shedu. Really high demonstration of IQ from DE.
  3. Oh? And did they listen when literally just about everyone was against the Itzal ripline rework?
  4. Hey, if you want to use a trash weapon look no further than the Stug.
  5. Exhibit A) Get a good riven for your kitgun(s) of choice and then custom build them tailoring them to status or crit chance depending on your roll.
  6. Here's the problem with DE's design philosophy though, even though the Stug has a ludicrous riven dispo. 1) Nobody uses it. 2) It's still trash. If a weapon's design is still fundamentally unusable in the best case scenario it's just going to terrible. I would definite agree with you on just straight up revisiting the weapons and making tweaks to the stat changes and in some case, Stug, complete total rework as it has literally no point in this game.
  7. Literally anybody can look up the forums. If they get burned for making a terrible business investment, they quite frankly deserve it. If you make a terrible business investment irl, you don't get rewarded for it as it should be with any investment or business.
  8. So TLDR, Gram Prime still wrecks things with better base stats and better riven dispo than Galatine Prime. Nice balance patch.
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