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  1. Yes it does and one credit.... also did someone forgot to swap accounts?
  2. As someone who hunts regularly, I see you can build only Cetus parts as it states within the first part of your question. Anyway, build the 1/2/3 and the reason I say that is because you can a) get them as rank up rewards literally requiring no further investment except resource farming and b) is the strongest variation of an amp you can get without fortuna parts. Neither an X27 or a X77 is better than the other. It will be personal preference for you later on. Try and test builds sure but most importantly RIGHT NOW, just focus on building up your focus school and your standings, dont worry about other factors until you actually get there.
  3. It takes the base values.of.critical chance, so using the 25% example you used, if you put another say 100% crit chance mod on, itll go up by another 25% So in short, only the base value is affected, not any other factors 🙂 25% going up to 62.5% is still a considerable jump though, then you take say, Dread, with base 50% going up to 125%....
  4. Can confirm, recent hunts with friends theyve had delays with me as dps and results as kills but overall they get both kills and captures, happened 2/15 hunts so not consistent by any means but this was also done over a week
  5. Some do drop from railjack when youre able to board and take on the extra "objectives" but very few and far between, best to farm from Salacia or caelus on your personal preference (also best for exp farms)
  6. Ever considered Hirudo? It has healing on crits? Also forgot there's the Daikyu with the amalgam mod if you dont mind freeing up the slot for a Nikana too? That's always fun
  7. Fun thing to try out by the way - use the gladiator set on your sentinel for instance and have sacrificial steel and arcane strike/fury and youll be in for a good time (could even consider using arcane avenger if youre likely to get hit often) and reap those benefits like mad!
  8. I personally stick to corrosive heat myself, but thats personal preference and even a CO build would benefit from it, with a maxed out Umbral Intensify (full set bonus) and power drift you hit the 181% power strength needed to max out 100% status, and your melee weapon still adds extra damage to the waves from Exalted Blade too, so CO with just 2 status being applied will more often than not be enough to deal with the star chart wayyyy too easily
  9. In short - yes, treat the element granted by chromatic blade like a 9th slot on the end of the modding section, applying last, if you build exalted blade for corrosive and have fire as the element, you will have corrosive+heat! Hope this helps dude! (If it's any consolation, Excalibur is one of my main frames. I'll be happy to help whenever possible!)
  10. Bump - Kuva Ayanga had been ninja nerfed from 99 magazine to atmosphere 33, not sure if intended, but the reload rate is so slow as well it makes it difficult to manage compared to before, I'd been using it relentlessly before but now a pain Can confirm that melee still doesnt auto target as of update 27 aside from veritux and prisma varient Edit: compared to reload rate of Cyngas, Ayanga is incredibly slow Edit 2: I'm aware this is a PC post, and my main game is on PS4, but the bugs still persist and are consistent between platforms
  11. @[DE]Danielle hey so uh, I just installed the update and noticed my kuva ayanga now only has 33 rounds in space like the atmosphere, rather than the 99 mag it's supposed to have... any tips on how to fix this please? It feels nerfed 😕
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