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  1. I'm glad it's not switch causing issues for a change. I like the no twitch drops for these 2 weeks now. I can comfortably miss the streams and watch if I'm awake. Since I don't miss anything. SeemsGood.
  2. Keep the fixes coming. Haven't finished building Sevagoth yet hopefully these issues would be already addressed by then.
  3. The grab bag really works well. Time to try the single drops per stream now. Looking forward to the update on consoles.
  4. At their current state uni medals are not really worth much compared to other available sources of standing. Still getting these on the side while "watching" streams, not complaining. I'm very hopeful that it may get balanced in the future. Maybe medals could be used to hire crew.
  5. Wow assorted stuff. Looks good. Thx for the incentive to watch streams.
  6. Just logged back in and realized the Railjack in Action glyph swap to Cephalon Cy. It's totally understandable but got baited.
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