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  1. Yeah I'm wondering about that too. Is it gonna be on Naberus event npc for mother tokens? Or was it just added like those glyphs from loid?
  2. Props on theme drops. Not super useful but still useful. On theme still. Not super useful drops is the trend but I'm not complaining it's an OK pickup on the side.
  3. Looking forward for some news this week, it's been quiet. Thanks for the drops, prefer this over grab bags, as you know what you're getting.
  4. Oh. I wonder what the helminth would say if you feed it one of the grab bag contents? Hehe.
  5. Agreed with drops being lackluster. But will still try to get them for the ingame mail. Ha!
  6. Thx for the drops. Prefer this over getting 3 portraits and 2 of the same glyph from grab bags. Hopefully get more juicy info this week.
  7. I got a forma from DE Steve's pre update stream. Thanks!
  8. I was totally expecting deimos floofs but I guess it's next week. Spare nakak pearls for next year then. Excited for that simultaneous release update, let the grind commence.
  9. I'm guessing deimos floofs next week? I'm missing some of those.
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