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  1. Anyone else having issues with the News link ingame and in the app? I'm getting "You do not have permission to view this content"
  2. Thanks for the wok, hope Nintendo does their end. Also figures why we didn't get Nidus parts last week, it was put on new starter pack. Makes sense now. ✔️
  3. Ash this week, weak. (sorry i was imagining Nidus) Still thanks for the last 2 weeks. It was really awesome.
  4. Thanks for the update. just in time before TennoCon. Will personally hold off on this though till after.
  5. Did it change? im pretty sure its immediately, of course sometimes you need to refresh it (like go to dojo and back out or something). But im sure its not "once daily". I did the 5 PoE bounties, 4 derelict vaults the same day to get "Gilded" to show up but this was what happened.
  6. sorry about the extra large screenshots earlier here's an update: so even if "Gilded" didn't show up on the NW interface, it still shows up when i open the menu in mission. so i proceeded to finish my Moa and i got a challenge completed prompt. no additional standing was awarded however, of course i did get some glassed dudes so i got 300 more standing from before. also the act no longer shows in the app as it should, since its from last week and it was properly completed. so im pretty sure it was already awarded at some point before i actually completed
  7. Of course, saving it for the new Moa just makes sense. I was actually just made aware there was an issue about the "Gilded" act returning (That it wasn't supposed to).
  8. Title. Also started working on this weeks acts till everything was gone but no "Gilded" recovered. I was holding off on doing it till console had access to the new Moa. So i just want to know what happened, was it replaced? or was it automatically awarded? PS. it still shows up on the app. Rank 8: 5890/10000 Rank 8: 5890/10000
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