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  1. 2 hours ago, Graavarg said:

    From the wiki: "Once you have have less than 3 current weekly Acts left to complete, any missed Acts from previous weeks will be available and marked as Recovered, three at a time."

    However, I think (not sure) they are recovered "once daily" (at the same time when the new 1k challenges are added). So emptying your challenges will get you the old "not done" ones back "next day" (according to the Warframe timer). Not immediately.

    Did it change? im pretty sure its immediately, of course sometimes you need to refresh it (like go to dojo and back out or something).

    But im sure its not "once daily". I did the 5 PoE bounties, 4 derelict vaults the same day to get "Gilded" to show up but this was what happened.

  2. sorry about the extra large screenshots earlier

    here's an update:

    so even if "Gilded" didn't show up on the NW interface, it still shows up when i open the menu in mission.

    so i proceeded to finish my Moa and i got a challenge completed prompt.


    no additional standing was awarded however, of course i did get some glassed dudes so i got 300 more standing from before.


    also the act no longer shows in the app as it should, since its from last week and it was properly completed.

    so im pretty sure it was already awarded at some point before i actually completed "Gilded"

    the thing i noticed that could be related to this is when i did "Happy Zephyr" for the daily it showed i got "10000/10000" (10k out of 10k standing)

    that could have been when it was awarded. I hope my observations help.

  3. 1 minute ago, (PS4)AbBaNdOn_ said:

    A few challenges were suppose to be worth 4500 pts and only gave 1k.  They adjusted our points if you did those... thats probably why you ranked up.  

    I have been saving that gilded challenge to...  Its been showing up everytime i burn through my list but I havent checked after the update....  I was going to use the new moa to do it to lol.  


    Of course, saving it for the new Moa just makes sense. I was actually just made aware there was an issue about the "Gilded" act returning (That it wasn't supposed to).

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