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  1. My shawzin song submission for the contest https://youtu.be/DzqyjOXsDg0
  2. Clan name: reigning nerds clan tier: shadow clan platform: Xbox one clan role: founding warlord Part one https://imgur.com/gallery/siOgMwf part two https://imgur.com/gallery/e9VbouY Part three https://imgur.com/gallery/PrTPbim part four https://imgur.com/gallery/lTfNMDa
  3. Reigning nerds shadow xbox one founding warlord Part 1 http://imgur.com/gallery/g8mgLBb part 2 https://imgur.com/gallery/e4lF3h1 part 3 https://imgur.com/gallery/YqwwEen Part 4 https://imgur.com/gallery/fZGQH1Q judges, please look at all four.
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