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  1. Oh nice! Look what has been done in this update, nerf for a good ability again, thought Ash would have another chance to raise again, and now DE just pushed it back to the abyss, what's next, Mesa peacemaker and regulators receive 50% damage reduction?
  2. reduce the grandma tokens for seriglass shard please, lower it to 10-15
  3. please add a sign as when player is close to an animal call point, it's just frustrating to find the call point which perfectly hide on the ground with its color scheme when heilos already done with the scan
  4. Please change the anime capture and fix the bug, its too grindy and i lost two Vulpaphyla(simply glitched and disappeared from my view), it's taking eternity to farm those tags and son tokens
  5. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
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