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  1. To be honest, I kinda Fashionframe for myself, not to show off or anything - that said, I hate vibrant colors. I generally go all black/dark brown with white metallic parts. I really like it when my character sort of blends in with the environment, but not in a way that they don't look unique. I just like immersion, and part of that comes with having my character looking like ithey REALLY belong in that world. Now, that's why my perspective can be quite different from OP's. I find it extremely generic to have a crapload of vibrant colors, bright energy colors, flashy syandanas and armor, ephemeras, and anything else like that. That's not to say it looks outright bad, nor that I care - in fact, I appreciate the fact that players have plenty of choice in how they look like, however generic that may be.
  2. The Profit Exploiter was a really cool boss fight, not only because of the actual mechanics of the fight, but also the context. Another cool boss fight was Kela De Thaym, with all the gladiator-like theme. While not considered actual boss fights, I really like the Junctions, in which you have to face other Warframes to unlock new planets. Edit: I also like fighting clanmates in the Dojo, but that's something else entirely.
  3. It sound good, although a bit barebones. Could you provide us with further detail?
  4. Indeed, she is kinda tanky against gunfire. But would you enlighten me, what would be the scale for light and heavy frames?
  5. I wholeheartedly agree. What I was trying to say is that your choices actually matter, even if not from a gameplay/mechanics perspective. The only way to redo your choices should be starting over. In case you're in doubt when presented with choices, you can always check out the Wiki. Of course you'll get spoiled, though, so beware.
  6. Therefore, it's not pointless, as you can customize your abilities' colors.
  7. Have you ever played The Witcher 3? There is a character there known as the Bloody Baron. He's a drunkard bastard, which made some bad choices in life, and said choices led to both his wife and daughter abandoning him. He has info you're looking for, and he's willing to share if you help him look for his wife and daughter, as he seeks redemption in their eyes. Over the course of the quest line, you have, at several instances, options to either be harsh, by saying he brought it upon himself, or be forgiving, saying everyone makes mistakes. In the end of the quest line, there are two major possible outcomes for him, which I'll put in a spoiler box in case someone hasn't played the game yet and intends to: Either path you achieve, will be the last you hear of him. It has no major impact on the remainder of the storyline, and from a pragmatic perspective, you shouldn't have much reason to care. But it's an RPG, with a great deal of lore, and it makes you feel the world around you. Not everything that happens is connected to the main plot, but it makes a difference for you as the player because you know that what you did changed his life's course, whether you're there to see it or not. It's the same with the Myconians. It's a matter of lore, not gameplay.
  8. I thought about this as well, and it would be kinda cool, however not to be used as a primary melee combat. It should deal really low overall damage, perhaps enough to finish off already wounded enemies in close quarters, but comparatively ineffective if you plan to use it to replace an actual melee weapon. Instead, this mechanic should be focused on applying Impact procs, in order to give the player some breathing room when the enemy closes in. The exception to this could be a few specific guns with bayonets attached to them. And that's something I'd love to see, though the game is fine the way it is, the more the merrier.
  9. Yep, except no sentinel came with this. It is a rare reward from Orb Vallis bounties.
  10. So, I am posting this to report a bug I ran into while trying to trade the mod Synth Deconstruct with another player. While trying to trade said item for Platinum, the game stated that I couldn't trade it because "Synth Deconstruct cannot be traded. Unique copies of abilities cannot be traded.". Mind you that my quotation is an accurate translation of what the PT-BR Client said, however it could be somewhat inaccurate as per the original message, as it was translated into Portuguese and back into English. Anyway, I do have my suspicions this might be a feature, but then again, I see no reason to have this as a feature in the first place. I don't use Sentinels at all besides MR fodder, and the ones I did use didn't need Synth Deconstruct to work, therefore I don't need it in any way, shape or form. Hell, they worked just fine before Fortuna.
  11. Well, that sucks. Perhaps it'd be easier to wear him down with constant corrosive procs from the Regulators.
  12. While on the topic of Exalted Weapons, is he immune to Mesa's Regulators? Didn't have the chance to try it yet.
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