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  1. Yes although the blue damaga wasn't reached yet i guess edit: I have done some more testing and yes, it's exactly like that
  2. there was rhino to buff damage, but even a rhino shouldn't be able to give that much strength that you can hit enemies with armor of lvl 300+ and still deal millions per hit. Also it was a public game, no special team comp made to kill them fast. You can believe me when I say it's not supposed to be in the game
  3. I was using corinth and catchmoon (no riven) with radiation damage, no melee was used. No hunter munitions, just straight one-shot. But the fact that it worked on two weapons makes me believe that the weapon itself didn't matter. No saryn Condition overload and abilities weren't killing, my weapons were. edit: and like i said, i think it is best not to tell everyone on how to "break" the game as some might call it. It's not supposed to be a thing so it should not be used also the combination of revenant 1 and 3 were not used before you throw that one at me
  4. I know that banshee exists and how she works, but she wasn't in the team, no covert lethality, just primary/secondary weapon that scaled infinitely, no armor strip. That's what leads me to believe that it's not supposed to be in the game.
  5. I think it is best to not give information out so it can be fixed properly. I will add this: the enemies did have armor and were very high leveled since we were in the index for about one hour.
  6. There is a way to make the damage from your weapon scale infinitely (up to 100+ million). I have encountered this in index (medium) but not tested in any other missions so I don not know if it can be done in other missions. I took some screenshots as proof, but I don not know how to add them here so I would appreciate any help with that. I'm also not entirely certain how it is done, but it has happened twice for me and the squad had some of the same frames.
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