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  1. When will we be able to equip the same mod on both of our weapons and the sentinel's weapon? I could go out and farm an extra Condtion Overload for my Deconstructor... but how on earth do I get an extra copy of Primed Fury for it...
  2. So this might be the thing happened. First, my assumption is that the Riven only have +Critical Chance and +Reload Speed or no elemental on the riven. With that out of the way, let me start explaining. The Mutalist Cernos has 2 sources of Status proc: The arrow shot itself, and the Toxin cloud created by the shot. For the arrow, based on the mod setup, the elemental combo are: Electricity - Heat - Cold which become Radiation - Cold. However, on the Toxin cloud, it has Electricity - Heat - Cold - Toxin, which become Radiation - Viral. (with the guaranteed Toxin) So that's why there's a Cold proc separated even when there's innate Viral on modding screen, since the game try to display all elemental you can proc with the bow. This is not a bug. It's how the elemental system work (weird, right?). Also sorry if the explanation might be hard to understand, I'm not a native English speaker nor having good score on English.
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