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  1. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: When using a non-default Garuda skin with a melee weapon equipped, Garuda's talons use the default skin in mission VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Equip a Garuda skin (in my example: Successor) and a melee weapon (kuva shildeg) Enter a mission (E Prime). EXPECTED RESULT: Garuda's Talons are skinned using the successor skin OBSERVED RESULT: Garuda's Talons are skinned using the default skin REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% reproducible This bug has been present since Deimos Arcana released. It's worth noting that there have been multiple bugs in
  2. I experienced the same bug today, after unlocking the "Rising Blast" node in Madurai. It appears to be realted to the un-waybound nodes, as I have 2 locked nodes in Maudrai and 2 unbound nodes. OP has 4 locked nodes and 4 unbound nodes.
  3. The streams this week reminded me that there is no Garuda In Action glyph. Please put one out.
  4. Ok, ok. But where's the Garuda In Action glyph?
  5. See image. I entered Orb Vallis directly from the starchart and took the lowest level bounty from the guy standing right outside of Fortuna. The camera position appears correct (showing her chest, not her "head"), but her chest-door isn't open.
  6. Reproducible using Tombfinger/Haymaker/Splat with max rank Pax Soar. Jump. Continuously fire Kitgun without aimgliding Jump height will continue to increase so long as kitgun is firing. Since Pax Soar's text only refers to increased wall latch/aim glide time, and I'm doing neither, I assume this is a bug. See imgur video. https://imgur.com/1Kv7PtN
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