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  1. fair. But whats your opinion on her gameplay wise ? I do admit the opening up more room for modding thing. Thats why i said " This is arguably a good thing. Arguably". But her gameplay would now shift even harder into staying in her 4 spamming e. I already stated that but you don't seem to mind. you can give her more room while still keeping energy. Rage is not the only solution
  2. the only rework i've ever liked. Building on old themes and adding more, not straight up removing anything from her and staying true to what she already is. I like it. her 1 whips so that you dont have to precisely aim in tight combat situation, added with knock down as a panic button is a plus. Her 3 giving her move speed so that being in her 4 doesn't feel like shooting yourselves in the legs while playing in large open maps, her 2 with the augment mod already installed is a straight buff that arguably doesn't add much more to her gameplay, but I like it. The augment mod for her tap 1 can have her pull in the enemy like the augment mod for her 3 now. So we don't remove that option from her For her 2, the ability to recast is also clutch if we're intending to use both the buff and cc. That can be in an augment mod like with rhino and nova. lowkey i'd rather her 4 having no restriction but energy cost like how it is now. It is not very interactive but it does leave a little room for me to use messenger on my phone. Plus a bit of broken overtuned on 1 ability is fine. It's not like her 4 is in helminth like sevagoth's gloom lol
  3. to be fair, high movespeed does help with gaining rage cause it puts you close to melee range in a shorter time. This is a great change cause Valkyr struggles with killing in a large open space cause she's mostly in her 4. However we're still trading 2 mini games for 1. And the trading target isn't even a proper mini-game, more like a new restriction with little interaction.
  4. Theme wise she's close to an angry catwoman from DC universe which explains her 1. I like that you toss her weap on her 3 and keep the invulnerability on her 4. Does it open up more helminth build potential I don't really know. I do want to state that right now, her 3 synergizing with her shield is the only reason meme helminth build exist for her. However using rage instead of energy nerfs her so hard i can't see it being enjoyable. Hunter adrenaline, arcane, rage, efficiency mods...... Hunter adrenaline makes you work with switching between her exalted and your primary wep, forcing you to pay attention to how much you can tank to get back energy without getting oneshot-ed. arcane energize makes you run around to get energy orbs from teammate kills or your own efficiency mods forces u to manage your modding slot. This is arguably a good thing. Arguably rage makes you spam e
  5. awww i see you're the same person from the last Valkyr post asking to remove her 1 yes. Let us defend rip line brother. Grappling hook objectively always is the best thing to have ever graced video game. Just code it properly DE
  6. Damn. I feel you on that one. After a while you just gotta admit defeat and play another game. Still coming back for the cosmetics tho. I like dressing up
  7. clipping and warframe is very odd since it happens very often, but the devs doesn't really want that to happen so I'd guess thats why they won't go crazy with accessory position. I wish they'd just embrace it and put in weird accessory regardless.
  8. never thought of that actually. I keep forgetting that warframe is multiplayer lol
  9. PvE content won't have high replay value if the system leaves little room for discovery among many other things. Increasing enemy level cap will lead us to one youtube search for a broken build, a few hours of messing around and then look up youtube vids again about "content islands" and "disappointing endgame"
  10. Syrinx leg plates is the only leg armor that covers the upper thigh part. I really want to see more of this to diversify the customization options even more. Or arm pieces that cover the wrist or some other odd placement. Wonder if there is any technical difficulties behind them tho?
  11. i prefer old blast too. I have no idea what the intention was behind the change. Seems random
  12. funny thing is using ability when fishing spear is out was available until the patch when ghoulsaw comes out
  13. i've only been farming prime junk. How's the paycheck for r10 mods?
  14. ye having things cancel sprint just make sprinting toggle irrelevant. I'd rather sprint by myself at this point
  15. They should try to make the momentum scale with the length of rip line. Would fix both problem
  16. a white bread that is about to become a french baguette with that new deluxe skin jokes aside, ye she's a melee eccentric warframe in a large open space game, she only does one thing really good, all that She's a niche frame for a very specific need. If you're weaker on gears than she can help u go steel path/liches no probs. If you're a new player without K-drive or archwing, she does feel alright in open world. The problem of melee in large space doesn't bother me much cause i have firewalker + cunning drifts on her which helps A LOT. Its almost unplayable for me without those 2 things and i've main her ever since i started wf. Those 2 things can be removed if they code her 1 better but that ain't happening Her 3 +augment mod is good but if only the range is further. Her 1 is good in large spaces but only if the range is further. A thing to note with rip line is after a set amount of time, you will come out of it. Most of the time you rip line something FAR BEHIND the actual target and uses the inertia to get to your target without bumping into a wall. Its a hassle for sure, but one I don't mind if I don't stop mid-air with the text "out of range" on the bottom of my screen. If you put range mod on her, she is bare-able. Basically you're still focusing your build on her 4, but with her 1 and 3+augment mod on the side instead of her 2
  17. Doesn't hack and slash focus on style, combos and the spectacle? Warframe aint that i feel. Wf is closer to cookie clicker more than it is dmc
  18. Lowkey because of the gigantic recovery frames on the last combo, I see most people just go e,e,e, block+e and then loop it all back. It flows better that way I can't tell if this is DE trying to get us to diversify our combo usages, forcing us to pay attention to our input and preventing us from going braindead spamming e e e e e e e e e (which is a thing deserving of praises) or just a coincidence.
  19. it is not hard to have the first stage transition into itself. You can just have it transition back into itself after a set of time if the player command is "holding e". if not, transition into the slam. I don't know if they would add infinite ghoul saw ride in the game tho. Balancing doesn't come to mind (for me) as a problem since if this stage deals low damage, and you cant use gun/abilities, then it is really not broken. it would simply be fun. On a side note, the riding animation scales with attack speed. If they do make it so that you can ride it indefinitely, I can't wait to go to Poe and mess around with max attack speed+volt+wisp buff
  20. a thing to add is that rip line is mostly used in large open space. An extremely high base range like 100m or scaling with duration would be nice. Using narrowminded does hit her 1 quite a bit
  21. and warframe need their abilities as a part of their identity. If rhino is using gloom+larva+breach surge then is he rhino?
  22. *flash back to zymos breach surge, silence savage ash, gloom ember, war cry excal, breach surge zephyr and literally the billions of other broken builds
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