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  1. Passive: salvage Drops from different factions can be used to allow this frame to build up permanent stat changes and scaling for the course of the mission grineer drops (like ferrite) increase armor corpus drops (like rubido or coolant) increase shields infested (spores etc. ) increase health void: depends on the enemy faction killed, can give all the stats except adaptation sentient enemies: gives you sentient adaptation, starting with 0.5% and scaling all the way to 90% 1s ability: neural seed summons a seed were white roots grow and ccs enemies that walk inside the circle and pulls them to the centre. The more enemies trapped in the circle, the more health is gained. It gives a multiplier to your passive stat scaling acquired from getting enemy drops. 2nd ability: amalgam toggle-able ability like khora. allows switching between the 3 modes: agility: gives attack speed buff to your weapons and melee, increases parkour speed and draw speed and knockdown recovery speed defence: gives increased base armour and defence stats, disables knock back and staggers strength: increases the damage of your abilities and ramps up the scaling multiplier for pickups acquired from salvage (only as long as the mode is active) 3rd ability: void jump manipulate the energy of the void to teleport a short distance. can decide to teleport to seed pods 4th ability: Overload sacrifices a "significant" portion of your acquired stats (~10%), creating a massive explosion that covers a small set radius that is dictated by range (max range is 15-20 meters). It will completely obliterate every non boss enemy in the vicinity. Obliterate requires 2 seconds to charge and you will be immobile during the 2 second animation (kinda like volt 4). game play loop: Very similar to nidus in that they scale very well into high level missions but start out with below average base armour, health and shields. you place seeds at choke points. While you kill enemies, you can decide to teleport to their location and obliterate them with your 4, if you have a lot of stats but if not, you can choose to salvage their drops for building up your stats. The 4th ability is very strong because you are sacrificing a potion of your stats which you can only acquire by killing a large number of enemies and salvaging their drops. The sacrifice of the stats must have a suitable payoff.
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