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  1. going on a long trip on the 7th, which means I'll probably miss not only the launch, but the bugs, and possibly the twitch drops if they do that 😢.
  2. 1: Please don't show us another 40+ minutes of K-driving, we get it, hover boards. 2: Can we get a look at mining, and fishing on the big OV? 3: Can we see more of the Kitgun options, and an overview of how some different gun types will work. 4: A few months ago [DE]Steve said something about Ayatan being Orokin memories, when will this be canon? Will this introduce a new mechanic? 5: Is Excalibur Umbra the only Umbra frame that we will ever get, or is he like the original Excalibur, being the first of the kind. 5.5: Will other Umbra frames be made using the Helminth room? 6:
  3. No DoD skin for newer (late 2016 onward) weapons makes me kinda sad. Was kinda hoping for a spooky Corinth skin.
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