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  1. going on a long trip on the 7th, which means I'll probably miss not only the launch, but the bugs, and possibly the twitch drops if they do that 😢.
  2. 1: Please don't show us another 40+ minutes of K-driving, we get it, hover boards. 2: Can we get a look at mining, and fishing on the big OV? 3: Can we see more of the Kitgun options, and an overview of how some different gun types will work. 4: A few months ago [DE]Steve said something about Ayatan being Orokin memories, when will this be canon? Will this introduce a new mechanic? 5: Is Excalibur Umbra the only Umbra frame that we will ever get, or is he like the original Excalibur, being the first of the kind. 5.5: Will other Umbra frames be made using the Helminth room? 6:
  3. No DoD skin for newer (late 2016 onward) weapons makes me kinda sad. Was kinda hoping for a spooky Corinth skin.
  4. Agreed, it's not like it's impossible, just do it.
  5. This just in: Fortuna 2019 The New War 2020 Railjack 2021 Space mom return 2030. Next open world launches with Warframe 2: Electric Boogaloo.
  6. Will Kitgun pistols have the ability to be dual wielded? Will all Kitgun rifles be beams? Will Kitgun pistols and rifles have shotgun/sniper/auto/semi options? Will Kitguns have the ability to have an alternate fire mode? (semi and auto/auto and shotgun/semi and plasma grenade) Kitgun Arcanes?
  7. Finally kitguns, I've been waiting for this for months. Super excited! Can we get a look at robo fishing as well?
  8. R.I.P. Yet another week without news about the mysterious melee 3.0, fortuna, and new weapons shown off months ago.
  9. Finally I won't have to wait forever to get the sundial weapons.... oh wait 3. Weapons and Equipment. Days 200, 400, 600, etc. This includes the Azima, Zenistar, etc. But also includes the Lodestar Syandana and the upcoming Lodestar Armor Set! I still have to wait for day 800 for the sword and sheild
  10. Can we get an in depth look at kitguns, fortuna materials, and a look at the mecha fish?
  11. Still nervous about my speed/crit build, and the fate of the gladiator modset. Waiting for news about Melee 3.0 makes me want to climb back into the cryopod.
  12. Still nervous about changes to melee, and what will become of my gladiator builds.
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