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  1. I logged in for some reason the other day after a long break from the game and Nightwave was gone. I was so happy. I don't think I fully appreciated how much I hated that f2p pointless grindy crapfest. Looking forward to playing again. PS, please don't bring it back...ever. You can bring sexy lips back though, could be a good use for that radio in the ship. Wouldn't mind hearing her give a weather forecast or two - know what i'm sayin'? nudge nudge, wink wink.
  2. It's been a while since my first post on this thread. Update: I'm no longer playing the game. I'm not saying night wave killed my desire to play, but...well i guess i am saying that. Skinner box, plain and simple. In a perfect world i guess i wish DE would stop with the pointless grinding and focus on real expansions that truly diversify the content the game has to offer instead of doing the same thing in different places. Let the game die off a bit and then come back. No need to string people along for mindless content. Oh, and while i'm being outrageously rational, how about they drop the f2p crafting timers too.
  3. I guess you would call me an 'endurance player', but I mainly keep trying new things and testing them out. Anyway, I have to say I dislike the daily and weekly challenge aspects of Nightwave the most. I don't want to feel like I need to log on, the best thing about this game was that I wanted to log on, unlike all the other games that try to force your participation by putting out a ton of time limited stuff. I would highly suggest getting rid of this aspect of Nightwave. I enjoy the story, Lady Lips, the random encounters in missions, I just hate the constant rotation of challenges. The best thing about alerts in hindsight was that they could happen any time, and thus removed that feeling of having to grind away for things that are probably rarer than they need to be, like catalysts and reactors. On the positive side, I do like doing the elite challenges, but like i said, this enjoyment is somewhat lessened due to the time constraints. A more permanent longer list of challenges might make this better, something that doesn't roll out every week and you can get to when you have time to play/ want to play. Now let's talk about rewards. I miss alerts because they were random, which prevented me from feeling compelled to grab everything possible. I just went for what was up while I was on, and I was happy enough. They also created this fun team aspect where clans would look out for one another and post about good alerts. There was definitely an issue with things only showing up in the middle of the night and so on, but it prevented obsessive gamer behaviors Nightwave reinforces. The cred store is kinda bad the way it is right now in Nightwave. If the challenge stays the same, players should be earning a reliable amount of nitain extract and choose between either a catalyst or reactor, without having to spend creds. The creds would be fine for extra nitain, reactors, catalysts, exilus adapters, but primarily a small amount of those things should be given for doing all the weekly challenges, and then allow players to shop with their creds for cosmetics, more potatoes, or whatever they are seeking personally. Bottom line, it's not rewarding enough and people like me are just interested in the unique items at the end of rainbow like the armor set and umbra forma for the most part. I hope someone at DE reads this and it is helpful. I have noticed I want to play less since Nightwave dropped, because I don't like the feeling of the game now when I get in. It's not about what I want to do anymore, it's sortie, then check nightwave, help clan members with nightwave, maybe do one mission I actually wanted to do, sign off.
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