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  1. 4 minutes ago, Oreades said:

    B-b-but if they reduced the grind to something reasonable..... then I might actually find myself engaging with the content instead of diligent pretending it doesn't exist.... 

    kinda how like i was engagin railjack and then they nerfed the archguns and now im not engaging anymore 😞 

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  2. 11 minutes ago, LSG501 said:

    as long as they increase the drop rate on the ephemera's I'm all for it...

    I haven't been rushing liches, they're boring as anything in all honesty and made worse by the repetitive grind and rng on the parazon mods, but up to this moment I've been lucky in no duplicate weapons (some stats suck but honestly I don't like majority of the weapons anyway).  Annoyingly I've seen zero ephemera in them either.


    Having said that aside from the grind and rng on weapons they do need to do some other changes for things like the forced 5 forma for full xp and ideally include a way to increase the stats without more farming and hope of better stats... hell this could be from the 5 forma after rank 30 (which maxes out the xp on the weapon)

    That gives me another idea, maybe they could make the repeated weapons combine for a forma slot? just a thought, make it happen DE

  3. Hey so after completing 16 lichs and only getting 5 of the new possible weapons and seeing as how I've spent 40+ hrs completing these with murmurs and relic popping for parazon mods all i can say is WTF guys. And if my luck continues at this rate im lookin at 42 liches and 105+ hrs to get JUST the weapons(112 lichs to get the ephemera's at this rate). You could make it so much better in so many ways, starting with not giving me 5 ogris'. Whats the point of making it not produce a weapon of the immediate predecessor when im in a cycle of ogris, brakk, ogris, drakgoon, ogris, brakk, ogris. At least make it so u dont get something from the last 2-3 predecessors... this is just cancer. And honestly, even though it says it can't happen on the kuva lich page, im like 90% sure 2 of my 5 ogris' were in a row at one point. I may be wrong but its hard to tell when u keep gettin the same 3 weapons besides 2 outliers. The first couple repeats i didn't even mind so much, but now with the last 5 lichs all being repeats and not even having an ephemera this is a huge time investment for nothing, can you at least make it so murmurs give you 2 or 3 times as much progression. I wouldn't mind it nearly as much if it was like just a clean hr per weapon but it takes much longer than that unless you get insanely lucky and guess the right mods. But that rarely happens because the lich pops up so sporadically. I've had my lich come out 3 missions in a row, and sometimes im half way through cracking the third murmur before i see him at level 1. I'm definitely interested in getting these weapons but I'm afraid this 5th ogris will be the last one I do for now until you guys update the predecessor thing or give more progression per murmur. 

  4. like i had said @gabbynaru endo is useless to me at MR 27 i have every mod leveled up that i need leveled up, and if i ever want more i could sell some of the 30+ sculptures i have, or run a couple arbitrations. Are you MR 27? Please tell me what you need endo for at that rank, other then leveling up the rivens you seem to not like lol. thats why i say the Sortie is geared towards low MR players. also @Gabbynaru sell me your rivens for cheap if u dont want them and think they're useless. I'll trade u sculptures for rivens all day lol

  5. Is anyone else sick of getting 5-10 ayatan sculptures in a row as a reward for the Sortie? Maybe its just an MR 27 thing. Why have 4k endo and that sculpture as a reward, why not just remove the sculpture and leave the 4k endo or remove them both. Most people who need endo just do arbitration missions anyways.  The sortie seems to be geared towards low MR players that I'm carrying through the missions, maybe you guys could make a high MR sortie geared towards players who no longer need things like endo or reactor blueprints. I have like 7 reactors and several more blueprints and one installed on every frame(or enough to install one, should I desire). 

    Also the amount of kuva should be more. If you have a squad that knows what they're doing you can easily get 10-20k kuva in the same amount of time it takes to complete the sortie missions especially if your smeeta is doin its job. Pretty regularly I've gotten 5-10k kuva in a 3-4 min kuva mission VS the 10 min survival chained into a 7 min mobile defense, plus whatever other mission you get on a sortie and then here have enough kuva to reroll a riven 1 time with almost enough for a second roll. Its just a huge time investment compared to other things for such a minimal reward. Maybe you guys could throw kuva into rewards for arbitration?

    I guess at MR 27 and thousands of hours into the game the only thing I would want, and several other high ranking players I've talked to, are rivens. Its the only thing that keeps me playing the game, if I get a riven as a reward then I actually continue playing that day and upgrade a weapon and play with it a while, but as soon as I see that sculpture thats it, nothing else to do on warframe for the day sadly. I already grinded (ground?) arbitrations before you were tossing out vitus essence like candy and bought tons of archgun rivens, so that doesn't sound that appealing because those are just gonna reroll into more archgun rivens. And it take several days to grind for companion rivens, so its just a tedious process, and isn't really fun even though I've done it several times now. Especially when  you finally get that riven and it says "go scan a simaris target" and then I have to wait another day before I can even crack it or try and recruit someone into letting me scan their target, which isn't easy. I'd consider doing the nightwave things if you guys left kuva as a reward all the time but whats the point when you already have 100 nitain and everything else from the potential rewards that you want. Pretty please make a high MR Sortie that rewards rivens, kuva, forma and catalysts! Or please shrink the missions into like 5 min survivals ,5 wave defenses and 2 location mobile defenses, oh and no more ambula assassinations, another massively time consuming mission that just disappoints even further when you get a sculpture :( 

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  6. Hey so i was recently going through my profile and noticed i didn't have heat dagger. When i go to the market it says "Blueprint can be aquired from Nightwave Cred Offerings." When i go to offerings there is a heat sword, but no heat dagger. Is this a bug, or was it only available during the last nightwave?

  7. Hey i love the staticor and use it pretty often, since this latest update, when i charge up a shot, upon impact it now has this weird black pixel stuff in the center of the explosion. I've tried several different energy colors and it seems to have no effect. Any one else having this issue? Not a huge deal, but would be nice to have it back the way it was, just a minor annoyance. 

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