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  1. If you mean to only be able to subsume one augment per load/frame I don't see why, them taking up a modslot at all is a waste of space and not really balancing frames anymore. Augments 99.9% of the time are either a functionality upgrade for a bad ability or a sidegrade. Now requiring helminth to be fed the augment mod per each subsume I would be behind.
  2. I think they should just move ability augments to helminth. That's enough added usefulness for me especially since some augments are mandatory for frames to function.
  3. I just want the syndicate invaders to use actual syndicate members, half of what they send doesn't make sense even as specters.
  4. Thanks for letting me know I met a bug at least.
  5. It doesn't seem to on my end. I tried running with a friend on the new modes and any time he or I would forge it would refill our own but not eachothers. This happened on every run over the course of 2 days.
  6. You can forge for yourself, not others so I can repair and forge more revolite for myself to repair with I guess. That's not really being an engineer as it was nor a compelling role to play in general.
  7. I just wish it gave slightly more endo for my time tbh, the defense missions seem to give 100 endo very often and it would be nice if that was even just doubled.
  8. I agree that is a plus but that's an issue made by DE themselves, as they removed the ability to play engineer.
  9. Crafting it was nice... When it was a community resource and you could have a dedicated engineer. The current system just feels jarring as if no real thought was put into the change and they just panic nerfed ship abilities. Telling people they can just energy pizza/ dispensary / zenurik is just putting a bandaid over an already trash energy economy.
  10. They really should just have an audio play button in the codex for the voiceover entries that match their text.
  11. That makes zero sense, if they're in the same field we should see both not just one.
  12. If this were the case then we wouldn't be able to see the railjack from the skylight on the orbiter since we can't see the orbiter from the railjack.
  13. It would be nice to actually see this super massive ship if I'm above it in my Railjack. According to the skylight in my Orbiter the Railjack should be far enough back to view at least part of it.
  14. If this is the foundation then I have fear that void storms will be exactly like a fissure but with a railjack taxi at the start.
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