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  1. Disagree. People arguing about rewards, meaning arcanes, here. And eidolons are the only other way to get those arcanes, at current. So the comparaison is, sound, imo. Price tanking is not moot at all, because it is what will happen, again, if DE "buffs" the phasic cell drop. That's the whole stance, actually, please do not do that, as we saw what happened when you did it in the past. This event managed to somewhat retain some balance in that matter, which is an achievement, imo. This event beats regular means to obtain arcane by 10. You can even chose your arcane. And run it an
  2. Well, yes ? Pretty sure everyone can sit for a minute and think about what they can do to improve their runs. There are so many variables, so many things you can change in this game. Look around (youtube), ask around. I'd also use recruit channel if you want a 36 run, pubs are... pubs. Because if you cannot even finish the mission then it's maybe a bit early to think about farming it, no? Stop tunneling vision the cells and try to improve, so as to beat the mission first, and then get better score. You'll get plenty cells (and lavos and cedo parts, and mods - meaning more cells for a
  3. No. Sorry, but no. It is roughly 10 times better than eidolon, so it cannot, by any stretch of the imagination, be called "a bad farming mission". And you get to chose exactly what arcane you want. And you can do it anytime. It is an insanely good farming mission. Also you can use it to level both of your mechs (get those formas in) and any gear you want really, during the downtime, the affinity gain is pretty good especially with the ongoing bonus. As for your prepared group, that's the best way to go imo. We weren't good either at the beginning, but just experiment, see how
  4. No, I want to defend the value of the arcanes and by extension eidolon hunting as a whole. Energize prices dropped to 1/10 their value after scarlet spear, and they never recovered. One energize use to be be worth 250 platinum, now 70 platinum at best. As for "being worth the time", I don't think you people realize how much time you would need to get those arcanes normally. 2,5 guaranteed rare arcane, of your chosing, per hour, any hour, every hour, is absolutely unmatched. The current event, as it is, is already a complete steal.
  5. That means 2,5 energize per hour which none of the best eidolon hunter could ever dream of. At any time. 24/7. On demand. It is insanely good, guys...
  6. Side note, there is one vault in Cambion Drift that is still causing some issues with the arcana bounty. It is whichever one that involves the "segment" with a narrow and elevated entrance (elevator exit to the left of that entrance) and a massive drop into a chasm. Lot of bumpers to get back up, on the middle ground. The lower ground features a small circular arena with a pilar in the middle, and some tunnel under a ship part to get back the middle ground. Anyway, on this segment it is really hard to do the "gather a plant when they stick their tongue out" mission, the spawns
  7. Most likely, else they would have done that. Please, do not change arcane / time / phasic cells amount. People just need to realize it is already extremely generous as it is, both in amount and consistency.
  8. I strongly disagree. They somehow managed not to completely ruin the arcane market with this operation, which is a very good thing, imo. Yes the amount of phasic cells you get can seem a bit low at first, but it quickly ramps up as you play it more and, you also get almost all the (flashy) rewards as drops, meaning the phasic cells can, and most likely will, be used only to buy arcanes after a few days. Regarding your 20 hours for 4 graces, I think there is a mistake somewhere in those numbers. You can do a full run in ~1hour, and a full run gives ~2k phasic cells. So that's 2
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