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  1. spoiler this devstream same as devstream 131 with bit of graphic update
  2. still when to expect at least we will find out what to expect wow thank u de nln
  3. your question this summarizes your answer to the question why prime vault exist . if u want to got another rout u can say it exists so that DE can make money\ and another thing more the prime vault opens fast the value of it decreases
  4. So is this mainline update ever coming it is getting fu**ing boring and if it is taking this long hope the update will be worth the damn wait........
  5. when or if this comes first thing to put is forma lol
  6. why people keep asking for rework because we r never going to get content just as well settle for reworks
  7. bro no matter howmany people ask for a min boss after 10 wave or something DE will never add that because they would have to redo every mission and game play so i think for the endless thing to work they dont have to do much just put a sense of achievement not just dum reward make it so that those who go the extra mile is worth the time we spent not like right now which is a fuc*ing ass grind to get what nothing .....
  8. so hope the next mainline update is not next month man the drop rate of content is even worst than the [axi a6] bug drop rate hahahaaha
  9. so what is the concept i only see stats and a name
  10. i think best option is if u have scourge throw it and shoot lol just take a high firerate secondary u dont even need to aim lol or just take catchmoon jump shoot n survival mission
  11. i dont know if i got lucky but after a lot of grind i actually got axi a6 from hidron Sedna many other say the same i have tried other places but i think that is probably the best place to get it try it
  12. bro i u r playing with lv 1/2 than ya but at the point where u get one shoted from across the room who cares about the combos and for your 2nd point i havent seen it and ya there r some problem but i dont think anyone wants to click a button every time to shoot and de said they are changing all the stances and combos
  13. no the current is more beneficent and useful than the melee aim glide and u can aim glide with any weapon unlike some i want to kill while i am aim gliding not pointlessly glide here and there
  14. bro the post here was to see if i am just unlucky or others r having the same problem . i was thinking this is like getting the harrow part it was system i think
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