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  1. so 2nd month of 2020 is about to complete so do we have to wait for the tennocon for the something to drop and so this is what they call totally ignored no wonder Anthem backed out i guess next in line is warframe
  2. its dead but if u get any player in public mission if they r beelow 20 mr they usually wont do any thing its too much of hassle
  3. the pvp will not sussed until the frame with their power is their i think if they go a standard pvp format
  4. when u cannot one shot the enemy then its good
  5. selling vengeful flame ephemera 250p vengeful pull ephemera{sold} pm me
  6. look in your key binding press "C" to talk it no use as no one reply unless its a friends group man some time i dnt understand why warframe is a multiplayer game
  7. BRO you r mistaken its not 2or 3 months its years and still nothing hahahaha this is funny seeing people defending DE after all this man i feel for u bro Play Dauntless or monster hunder u will love it i think and as for warframe come after 2-3 years it will still be the same
  8. selling vengeful flame ephemera 250p vengeful pull ephemera 350p
  9. bro play for a week dont just rush the thing u will come to say progression is to easy i do too much damage hahaha u cant climb a tree right after u r born
  10. i didnt do any mission only sorties and still reached 30 wow hope DE is working on something big past 3/4 years and not something 10min cinematic because game will alwayse be the same
  11. slow as hell finish he star chart speed mr to 15/18 and then do lor stuff slo and enjoy it because in 3/5 month u can get and finish ever thing if u speed it and then welcome to the what If community
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