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  1. Well at first I didn't expected this post to get this much attention since I tried looking among clan mates and other people in-game to see if anyone else experienced this issue even contacting the YouTuber TacticalPotato if they knew about this but basically didn't receive a positive response, but I'm glad I'm not the only one with this issue so this gets to DE's attention faster. I am hoping they fix the Shedu soon because I spent a considerable amount of platinum on it, mainly with the purpose of telling others if it was worth or not but that only made me face this bug pretty much right away while leveling. It's kind of confusing that there's so many people reporting a huge variety of possible causes of this bug, some make more sense than others but I heard of someone in-game that it could be tied to FPS, can't really tell but it sounds reasonable at some point since I pretty much play in a below average/average pc and may be why some others haven't heard of this problem (could be that they own a much powerful pc, that's why). Either way, it'd be nice to be notified by DE of what was the cause of this issue in reality... if this ever gets fixed.
  2. I'm here to address an issue that it's been happening to me recently with the new sentient weapon the Shedu. I already made a post about this in the Rebecca's post about the new hotfix but I figured it'd be better to make a post by itself now since I gathered evidence and figured how it happens. The issue about the Shedu is that it stops working completely, you can't shoot even though the clip is full, you hear a trigger sound when you try to shoot as if the weapon had an empty mag. How does this happen? This happens when you're trying to shoot when the ammo is regenerating, it hits a point where it just stops working. In the first clip I took the Shedu was already bugged. In the second clip is when I went to the simulacrum to show how it happens and when the Shedu stops working, you can hear me click my mouse and the trigger of the Shedu responding but it doesn't shoot at all. I would like this bug to be fixed as soon as possible because the only way to get the Shedu working again is by aborting/extracting the mission or in the simulacrum by swapping guns and equip back the Shedu, this can be really annoying in casual missions and it's worse when trying to do long runs.
  3. Thank you very much for the Hotfix, it's very much appreciate it. I'd like to address an issue and it's a bug related to the Shedu, the new sentient weapon. The issue is that when you try to shoot when the weapon is regenerating ammo it can get bugged and you can no longer shoot at all even though the clip is full and this only gets fixed until you get out of the mission or just swapping guns and equip the Shedu back if you're in the simulacrum to get it back to normal. I'm not aware if anyone else has experienced this bug in particular since not many people have it just yet I believe, but it happens to me often and I'd really appreciate if this could be looked through. Also a decent buff to its stats, the weapon it's underwhelming in its current state, thank you!
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