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  1. Pretty sure this is already slated for Deadlock anyway, it was fully functional on the latest devstream
  2. Having only just begun to get around to acquiring Grendel (I'm lazy), I decided to test how a number of weapons would fare unmodded, and once I had realised that kuva weapons with a toxin bonus could apply the toxin status unmodded (excellent for these missions), I decided to roll with it. However, when I loaded in, I discovered that this is not in fact the case - it seems that the system that disables all mods on weapons also disables the innate damage type bonuses of kuva weapons. I have not seen this being listed as intentional anywhere, so I am currently working under the assumption that it is unintentional, although I would be perfectly content with being informed either way.
  3. Uno in Warframe when In all seriousness card minigames that we can play in dojos and relays would be awesome
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