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  1. When Railjack comes, are we going to get a new "planet" area for Railjack levels? Maybe two, like a corpus fleet and a grineer fleet, or something? Or will Railjack constitute individual missions added onto pre-existing planets? Towards the end of the Wolf of Saturn Six series, with the Saturn Six max-pen be added as a new nod on Saturn, similar to Iron Wake? Or thinking along the same lines, will we ever see faction areas like Iron Wake for the other factions, and will these areas ever see more use?
  2. I'm going to start with less asked questions, so if someone is picking out questions from my post, that's probably where it's best to look. First, a few questions that are (I think) unique, or at least less common: Will we be able to visit the actual Saturn Six facility as a star chart node, rather than just as a captura scene? Can we get archwing or k-drive rooms for dojos? Like the default and custom obstacle courses, but for the vehicles People want more weapon type for operators, but are we going to see the void damage type coming to warframe weapons, or even a future warframe? I know people have asked for a Sergeant rework a lot, but I just want to throw my ideas into the pile: A summoner-type boss, kinda like the tomb guardian (Inaros spectre) from Sands of Inaros? A boss with a dedicated tile like other bosses, but one who control environmental hazards that the player has to avoid while damaging him? Will we get a new "planet" with Railjack, that has its own nodes? Something like a fleet where you have to attack different capital ships, or a gigantic space station that has some Railjack and some normal nods? Is a random level select system a possibility? I saw someone mention this on a Nightwave thread, and they suggested being able to select a faction and a level range, and then just hitting go and the system selects a random nod for you. Great for people feeling aimless! And now, of course, for the common questions: Are we going to get the ability to change the statue in the Temple of Honor? Are we going to see NPCs in the clan dojo, for stuff like ducat kiosks, void relics, the simulacrum, Nightwave, and so on? Railjack is clearly very much in progress, but is there any news on the Kingpin system too? How big is the dry dock going to be relative to other rooms in the dojo? I want to plan my layout ahead of time Are we going to see an adjustment to the amount of wolf cred earned per reward, or see small amounts of wolf cred bundled with the other Nightwave rewards? It feels like with the rate we're earning standing, the new system is going to be giving us fewer rewards than the old alerts system overall And finally an age-old question: are we going to be able to earn mutagen samples more easily? Not having active clanmates means unlocking the Hema can be quite a chore Thanks a ton in advance if you answer any of my questions in the devstream!
  3. From what I've been able to tell, the cooldown on archguns is actually proportional to the amount of ammo used before you undeploy it, after a min cap, i.e.: If no ammo is used, there is a base cooldown of approx 10s(?), up to a certain amount of ammo After a certain amount of ammo has been used, the cooldown starts increasing proportionally with ammo used up to 5 minutes I could be wrong, but that's what I've experienced.
  4. You need to open up access to the file to public, people currently need to request access to view it
  5. Hmm, first time putting questions on one of these! Let's make it count! I know that an absolute ton of people have been asking about it, but any news on the kingpin system? In my opinion, it'd bring something really different to Warframe, especially to clans, for which the current extent of cooperation is the contribution of resources to research and construction (if even that, looking at you super inactive clan members) Any more juicy Railjack details? Honestly though I'm so very excited for this feature, I wanna go on a space raid! And now that the generic, universal stuff's out the way... Are there plans for new parts to the orbiter? There's certainly some bit and pieces out of bounds that would indicate so It's pretty obvious that some day we'll end up going to the Tau system (the story has been hyping that up), so is Railjack or something similar going to be a major feature in getting there? Working off that last point, is there a possibility that some day we may get to explore the Zariman Ten-Zero in game? Please, whatever bugs you fix, don't fix what happens when you ground slam in front of a shield lancer sometimes. Bouncy shield lancers is so damn funny! Are we going to get sentient-themed weapons some day? Could we maybe steal vehicles in the Orb Vallis at some point like we can steal Dargyns? Any more on operators on K-Drives? Speaking of K-Drives, skate room for the dojo? Foundry access in the dojo? Maybe via another specialised room? Have you seen Triburos' video on Wukong? If not, please could you give it a look? I think it raises some very valid points about a potential Wukong rework through his foundations in Journey to the West. Is scope sway really necessary for the sniper rifles? Is Megan still mad at Shy for the Mineta art? I know it's old but I had to ask Please can we have Ordis give mission briefings and stuff? As much as I love spacemom, it's just not the same when it's glitchy holo-spacemom. Are Orb Mothers going to get an updated loot table? I understand not wanting to have ridiculous power creep, but even adding a very rate chance of an Orokin Reactor blueprint or a Forma blueprint, or even some of the rarer warframe and normal weapon mods would make them feel more worth running. Or even parts for new Vandal-series weapons! Any chance Tyl Regor's fight is gonna get some bugfixes? His movement is completely broken half the time, especially during the first segment or two of the fight, with him appearing to teleport around in a frozen stance for a bit, before he starts behaving like an actual corporeal entity again Edit: please please PLEASE can we see the inside of the Unum tower in Cetus? Thing looks super freaking enticing and seems like it has a lot of potential Edit #2: can I gift Tennogen please? I wanna be able to spend money directly on my friends And one last request: Stay awesome!
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