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This is Xen C. Protonus (not my real name, though it is my original yet not real name). :D

Protonus is 3rd person speaker who barely posts unless it is an idea. :3

Certain people know Protonus due to his obnoxious behavior, throwing his voice when and where people least expected. (Also makes serious or not so serious remarks on the latter, on any level or on any situation. So watch out.) He also expresses of the following: Expulsion, Aggression, Sympathy, Dissociative Identity Disorders, Transgression, Transfigurations, Configurations, Induction, Deduction, Repetitive Subliminal Objection, Implication, Dialect Destruction, Dialect Disassembly, Contamination, Integration, Physical Digestion, Post-humorous Digestion, Invigorated Indigestion, Vigorated Incapacitation, Leveled Incantation, Demeaning Decapitation, and so much more.

So... yeah. This is Xen C. Protonus, the man/woman/robot/monster anyone could talk to or not to. :3

He also has profile for his Wiki. Fear his knowledge for hats and edible combinations of wheat products, meat, fruits and vegetables on a single platter.


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