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  1. I'm not new to this game. I have more than 600 hours of playing. Thanks for replying tho
  2. You convinced me. Thanks for being so many to reply.
  3. Well, you got me wrong. I know Oberon is a very good frame. To be honest, it's my favorite. It's just that I would have loved to get a stronger Oberon. But you're right. I've gone too far with the comparisons. Have a nice day
  4. From all this time, the only thing I want is an Oberon buff. Seriously, this warframe has so much potential. The only problem with the game is that the developers add a lot of warframes instead of upgrading the ones they released a long time ago. I really think it would be a good idea to buff this frame. When we look at it, we can see it is based on health (renewal) however, even with the three umbral mods, we can only get 1300 health. It has no sense because when we look at other frames (that ain't based on health), we can see they have a lot more hp (Mesa prime, Ash,zephyr). It has no sense to do that because when we look at hyldrin (wich is a frame based on shield), she has 6000 shield. When we look at inaros (wich is a frame based on health), he has 5000 hp. So why does Oberon (wich is also a frame based on health) only reach 1300 hp ? It's not even the half of inaros' health. I could also talk about the energy but the lack of health is the most important issue with the frame. I love this game. Thanks for reading.
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