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  1. Hey Tenno, so our strong, graceful Oberon is a personal favorite of mine. I love watchin' the goat slam everything to the ground. So I decided to sketch somethin' up for his cosmetics. I swear, he's one of the only frames that can make wood look good on him. Anyway, I know this may not even get close to the... what's it called... TennoGenerator? Ah well, It's just nice to put my ideas out there. Seein' the guy around he relay is good enough for me!
  2. It'd be kind of cool if they released several Umbra frames and tied each frame to your choices within the story mission. Choose majority Light, you get Trinity Umbra. Choose majority Neutral, you get Rhino Umbra. Choose majority Dark, you get Ash Umbra. That way the mission has proper replayability and some story depth to see what certain choices reveal about the lore.
  3. The lack of power (in comparison) to the other bows is actually why I personally would like to see Daikyu Prime. While it may not be as strong as the others, I personally consider it my favorite bow do to its high base damage, hybrid build capabilities, and near non-existance fall-off arc. It took a few forma to get it to how I like it, but I personally think that was a price worth giving since I use the thing so much now. I'd love to see what they do with a primed version. Probably increased Crit, Status, and fire rate, but who knows!
  4. While I would kill a man for Shade Prime, Prisma Shade might already have taken that spot. Although, Dethcube Prime might be a good choice if they decide to buff the poor fella.
  5. My best guess would be a Dagger like Karyst Prime to go with her whole huntress/thief shtick, but who knows. Maybe Zakti Prime since she was supposed to give toxic procs as a passive or something?
  6. I think it'd be kind of odd to have Ivara NOT come out with a nee Primed bow. And while it would be awseome to see a Lenz Prime, Daikyu is the more traditional "Bow and Arrow". Although, I can also see her coming out wuth a primed Crossbow, but my personal hope is for Ivara Prime to have her very own longbow, Daikyu Prime.
  7. With my case, I run max range for supportive purposes. I never take Limbo into a defense mission for that reason. While my team stays within the Cataclysm, I go out and banish enemies so they can kill them without having to worry about enemies shooting at them.
  8. Once I got into Limbo (longer than i expected, I mean I just got his lrime and he's my fourth most played frame wtf) I realized that he has a LOT of gimmicks and tricks that people don't understand. One being if Limbo accidentally Banishes you, just dodge to escape the Rift. (Also, if you have a Max Range Limbo om your team who sets up a Cataclysm, he probably wants you to stay in it.) But yeah, guys like these are those who don't quite understand how Limbo works.
  9. It would be cool if they offered various bodytypes to depict age of the operator. The hairstyles, I can understand as most of them are trying to be androgenous, but they do seem lean towards the feminine. If I could get my hands in some facial hair, WOOF would I be happy.
  10. You are correct. I can see why people would set their melee to M1, but I liked the E since it didn't take much thought using the same button for Quick Melee and normal Melee.
  11. Being able to instantly equip my melee and switch back to my gun is so much more satisfying and effective than I thought it would be. I actually fell into a Pox/Paracesis combo that just shreds through enemies with Cleaving Whirlwind, Gas and Slash! Even though Gas is nonexistant in the build and Slash plays little role. Seriously though, out of my playtime tonight, I must have used my Rubico Prime (my best Primary) about five times, only because I was playing in Fortuna and hitting far off enemies. The rest was Pox/Paracesis. Anyway, love the changes!
  12. I don't know if a nordic-like design would work with Volt. It may work with Hydroid tho!
  13. Thanks for showing my art! Hopefully Wisp will get lots of love!
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