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  1. StarMoral

    Oberon Prime

    *insert iDubbz here*
  2. That could work as well, I personally wanted to find a way to use the four elements in an offensive and supportive way.
  3. StarMoral

    Oberon Prime

    Hey Tenno. So this was a test drawing in Photoshop, and I had to do my boy Oberon some justice. It was either Oberon or Vauban Prime in anticipation for his new rework, so I might make good ol' Booban next.
  4. That would likely be best, although I'm wondering what Ability Duration would do, since half of the elements work on timer, and the others are bursts. 😮
  5. A cooldown actually works well thematically, since Vauban is technically overcharging the mines. AND, the energy orbs could benefit Arcane Energize!
  6. I tried finding mechanics that wouldn't step on Chroma's toes, but even then Chroma would still be a trillion times better because he's Chroma
  7. I did think either 5 or 10, and tbh 5 might be a better number. But again, his current passive is awesome as is. I personally think it could work like this: When Vauban uses Burst, unless he is around a mime he placed, he does not get the buff. And with the Vortex and Bastille, those are honestly just additions to the abilities we have now. That might explain why they're good XD
  8. Hey Tenno. So Vauban is due for a rework quite soon, and with hints from the higher ups, he seems to be going pretty far forward. And after I got my hands on Vauban Prime, I can safely say he is quite slept on. BUT, here are some ideas I have for his rework! Passive: For every incapacitated enemy, Vauban does 10% more damage. (While his passive is amazing as it is, I think this would be a fun alternative!) Ability 1: Minelayer With four mines at Vauban's disposal, he can dish out various status affects to his foes! Combine two different mines to create a different element! (With Gauss as inspiration, Vauban now has mines of the base elements. Fire, Cold, Toxin, and Electric. Each mine has a 100% status chance when attacking. When placing two mines together, such as Toxin and Electric, they will form their respective element, in this case, Corrosive!) Ability 2: Burst Vauban triggers the mines on his belt and on the field to cause a devistating AoE based on the mine's element, destroying foes and aiding allies. (To help Minelayer get some use beside spreading status, Burst is a damaging/support ability that lets Vauban become more tactical with his mines. When activating Burst, Vauban bursts with the AoE of the selected mine, while others on the field burst their respective element. The elements do their espective status to enemies with a strong blast, but to allies, Fire gives a burst of Health, Electric replenishes Energy, Toxin increases attack speed, and Cold camoflauges allies [ie invisibility] for a short time.) Ability 3: Vortex Shield Vauban throws a mine that turns into a deadly vortex, sucking in all enemies within range and crushing them, absorbing their atoms. After enemies are absorbed, a Nullifier-like shield quickly grows around the mine. The more enemies absorbed, the larger the shield will be. Enemies within the shield will be disarmed. (This one is basically an improvement of his standard Vortex, mixed with the clear Corpus designs Vauban has. As the description says, if an enemy is absorbed, it will create a Nullifier-like shield that is gradually shot down my the enemy, similar to how we do with Nullifiers.) Ability 4: Bastille Vauban throws a mine that triggers a large bastille that lifts enemies into the air. When the bastille reaches the end of its duration, it becomes unstable and collapses in on itself, bringing enemies into the center and concussing them, causing a Radiation proc. (Ah, Bastille. See the thing with Bastille and Vortex, is that their base mechanics are good as is. So, there's no real point in changing them... So why not just add onto them! This Bastille is used the same way as the currect Bastille, but with a mini Vortex and Concuss mine at the end.) So, those are my ideas on a Vauban rework! I know DE has something completely different planned, so lets hope he gets shipped out ASAP! Later y'all!
  9. Hey Tenno. So I decided to take a trip to Mars, and man they did a pretty good job refining the atmosphere! Had little trouble breathin' without my mask. (Still dusty as hell, though.) One of my pilots made me take this pic, and I can really say I look like a true operator! (All I need now is a horrible accident to happen to me so I get them crazy telekinesis powers y'all Tenno have.) Well, that's about it Tenno. Workin on a little thing for my boy Oberon. Bye now~!
  10. It'd be kind of cool if they released several Umbra frames and tied each frame to your choices within the story mission. Choose majority Light, you get Trinity Umbra. Choose majority Neutral, you get Rhino Umbra. Choose majority Dark, you get Ash Umbra. That way the mission has proper replayability and some story depth to see what certain choices reveal about the lore.
  11. Thanks for showing my art! Hopefully Wisp will get lots of love!
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