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  1. Me three, i was just wisp hunting and got those Oh sorry, didn't see it was an old thread
  2. Vai ser até dia 24 ou dia 25? Pq eu entrei umas 20hrs ontem e disse q tinha mais umas 19 hrs Não q eu esteja reclamando né, da um tempo extra de farmar debt 😅😅
  3. it is an old bug from when i started playing the game, i forgot about it until today what happens is that i've completed the third step of the quest (retrieve and build the limbo neuroptics) image 1 but the next mission (the systems, according to the wiki) isn't avaliable in the starchart image 2 what do i do?
  4. when i enter open world (Cambion Drift, Fortuna and PoE) the terrain and the map textures don't match i took some screenshots from CD image 1 image 2 image 3 image 4 if someone could tell me how to solve this it would be great, it's pretty annoying
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