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  1. Hi! I'm new to the forum sorry if my formatting is awful. Thought I'd take you all on a tour of our dojo, featuring Chroma's big brother, an artificial, alien jungle, a labratory complete with supercompter and plant incubation areas, a ludoplex arcade and a homage to our enemies, for we Tenno are honourable. Plus we're working on getting individual rooms for clan members to decorate! We made good use of the new nature decoration pack. It's awesome! Much of the decorating was done by BiggieFoeTwenty (Founding Warlord) and myself, with other members adding details here and there. The dragon was partially inspired by Shenron from Dragonball, but everything else was pretty much thought of on the spot. Hope you all enjoy! Sorry for the video quality. Recorded with my PS4 cuz I don't have a working laptop xD Good luck everybody! Clan Name: Dont Smoke Vestan Moss Clan Tier: Shadow Clan - Rank 9 Clan Platform: PS4 My Role in Clan: General (OG Cheif] I have every permission except for Ruler and Herald. So I'm also an architect Dojo tour: https://youtube.com/watch?v=rs6sGIU9Bzc
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