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  1. I'm happy to wait for the Jovian Concord (I keep wanting to call it "Accord") until you're finished with it, but PLEASE drop Wisp as soon as possible!!!
  2. Not that I think you guys are listening, but I still think Nightwave would be far more worthwhile if we earned cred doing the challenges. It would also be nice to have more than just the same helmets, nitain, Vauban, weapon skins, aura's to spend it on. You should have made things like the wolf salute, glyph, armor, k-drive skin, etc. ALL be purchasable with cred and allow us to gain cred by doing the challenges. Then we could get only what we actually WANTED to get and there would be a much better investment-reward set up than there is now, which is a joke.
  3. You guys want to EXPONENTIALLY increase the rate at which the Wolf "intercepts" our missions and tries to kill us? Fine. But you should have then also made him EXPONENTIALLY less of a bloody bullet sponge. You took what could & should have been an interesting fight that's been coming all along and turned it into simply a stupid annoyance. Especially with his ridiculously low drop rate, where's the payoff in killing him, least of all fighting him? There's no strategy to it. You made him and his 3 peons invulnerable to abilities, the peons are invulnerable period until he's dead and he's just a massive bullet sponge. No tactics here. It's just a boring fight with nothing to make it worth the effort.
  4. I've done multiple threads now about the problems with the Nightwave system. Forcing me to do multiple challenges/missions in order to gain rep in order to (eventually) get cred to finally get the items I was able to get with a SINGLE mission before, needs to be fixed. Here is a simple and easy solution: Gain cred with each challenge. For daily challenges, give 5 cred. For weekly challenges, give 10 cred. For elite weekly's, give 20-25 cred. Or some variation on those amounts. That way, I can still fairly easily get the Nitain I could get guaranteed 4 times/day before and still be able to earn enough cred for the cosmetics, auras, etc. Keep the Tier system as-is. But they took everything that used to be obtainable by doing a single mission and put ALL of it behind a PAYWALL. This is WRONG. Before, if I wanted 3 helmets, 2 auras and still needed 10 Nitain, it was all doable, I just had to keep an eye out for the alerts and do the SINGLE missions for the SINGLE rewards. I understand the thinking behind the new system. They wanted to create some new lore and they thought they were rewarding us for doing things we do normally. Get 3k rep for doing 3 spy missions. Fine. But I should earn cred for each of those challenges, not ONLY at Tier 3, 6 and 12. It's RIDICULOUS how much rep you have to gain in order to get a decent amount of cred. I just wish DE was actually listening. I wish I wasn't a single parent with a full-time job so I could go to Tennocon in person and tell them face-to-face. But I am. And this new system is killing the experience for me.
  5. The thing is, the Nightwave system took items that were obtainable by doing the related mission and put ALL of them behind a PAYWALL. Then they created a new Syndicate that you have to gain rep with to get the "cred" to purchase the items you used to be able to get directly as a reward for doing a single mission. And you have to do dozens of missions in order to level up not only 1 tier, 2 tiers but 3 Tiers in order to get your first amount of "cred" to purchase things that you used to be able to get by doing a SINGLE mission. And then you have to do dozens more missions to get another 3 Tiers to get more cred. I used to be able to get 4 Nitain Extract in a SINGLE DAY. Now it takes at least a WEEK to earn enough rep and rank up to Tier 3 in order to BUY a package with 5 Nitain Extract. In that week, there would have been 28 opportunities for Nitain Extract and there are plenty of items that need 4-5 Nitain per item for crafting. And God help me if I want Nitain AND a helmet and/or an aura mod. All things that used to require A SINGLE MISSION in order to get them. THIS IS WRONG... Either put the alert system back in place on top of the Nightwave system OR allow us to earn cred for EVERYTHING we do. Every mission we complete gives us SOME cred, every Wolf encounter or minion encounter gives SOME cred. Ranking up each Tier gives CRED for EACH TIER. That is the only way to balance out the Nightwave system so that it's even remotely as fair as the alert system it replaced. Unfortunately, I'm sure DE isn't listening and won't hear a word of this. I and tons of others have been begging them to FIX the Somachord fragments issue in Orb Vallis. 28 fragments at RANDOM spawn locations that you can only get ONCE per session, is just absurd. They paid someone to create some great music for Fortuna...but for unknown reasons, DE doesn't want us to actually be able to enjoy it. 7 songs and no one I know has even one of them because no one is going to search that large of a space for a RANDOM spawn. People barely care when the spawn locations are FIXED and you can get them all in one go. (like the lore fragments or the fragments for the Deck 12 door)
  6. The Nightwave system is BROKEN..... Here's the thing at the heart of the whole debate: They took a system that doled out rewards per mission. Want that cool looking Nidus helmet? Do a mission when the alert is up. Miss it? Just wait, it will come around again. Same with Nitain Extract, which happened 4 times/day and Vauban parts that were constantly on the system. Being unemployed for 2 years and playing Warframe practically all day, every day, I got used to seeing what was on the alert system. With Nightwave, I now have to do MULTIPLE missions, rank up MULTIPLE ranks in a new "Syndicate" system just to earn the cred to now BUY those same things that I used to be able to get with a SINGLE mission. I got to Tier 3 and got 50 cred. Great, now I can finally buy some Nitain. But I had to do over half a DOZEN missions and it took me OVER A WEEK to gain enough rep to hit Tier 3. Can certain people gain rep like crazy and hit Tier 30 in 5 weeks? Sure. Is that what the majority of players can do? No. So what's the solution? The way I see it, there is only a couple of ways they can fix this. 1) Give us cred with every mission we do AND with every Tier, we rank up to. Like 5 cred per mission and 10 per Tier, something. That way, we're constantly getting a reward we need for every grind we have to do. They took everything from alerts and put it behind a PAYWALL. Then they made it so that you can only get credit for that paywall every 3-4-6 Tiers of rep in a new Syndicate. That's simply wrong. The only other way to fix this would be to re-institute at least partial alerts again, having both systems in place at the same time. This new Nightwave system is a completely different system to what the rest of Warframe is. With everything else in WF, you grind for what you want. Do a mission, get a reward. With Nightwave, it's more: do tons of missions and you'll eventually earn enough money to buy what you want. It's counter-intuitive. I think the idea behind Nightwave was that they were going to reward us for doing stuff we were already doing anyway. But that doesn't work for the majority of players. The alert system, while imperfect, worked for all players, hardcore or new, those who play for hours on end or just pop in for a bit. Nightwave doesn't do that. Right now, they need to either re-instate alerts or fix this bloody mess of a system. With the previous alert system, we had a chance of getting 4 Nitain EVERY DAY...GUARANTEED. I didn't get all 4, every day, but I got at least a couple here and there and over time I always had enough on hand for whatever projects I needed. Occasionally, I would run into builds that required more Nitain than I had and I had to be more watchful for the alerts. But at the same time, I was able to do other alerts for helmets, Vauban parts, etc. Now, they've thrown EVERYTHING into one big purchasable pot and you have to do DOZENS of missions in order to rank up THREE TIERS before you get your first spec of Nitain. What if I need the Nitain but also want 2 helmets? Or a couple of the mods? The Nitain will have to be in every reward table, but the mod choices have already switched up twice, along with helmets and gear. It's just COMPLETELY ABSURD right now how you gain cred. You should gain cred for EVERY Nightwave rep mission you do. You should gain cred at EVERY Tier ranking. You should gain cred for killing the Wolf or his 3 minions. Just a little cred here and there and then you can buy what you need/want with a REASONABLE amount of grind. As it stands right now, I'm GRINDING FOR THINGS I DON'T WANT/NEED, how is that OK with anyone? I don't give a crap about Glyphs or Sigils. I didn't need 2 more weapon slots or another Warframe slot. I'd rather get stuff that's sellable for plat that I then spend on either of those like I've done the entire bloody game so far. Another way they could change/improve NIghtwave is to have the Tier system needs to function more like a normal Syndicate's. As it stands right now, I have to do dozens of missions to gain rep to get through Tiers that offer rewards I neither want or need. That is ABSURD. The way it SHOULD work is that at each Tier, you have a choice between 3 things. And one of those 3 things should ALWAYS be cred. In smaller amounts at the lower tiers, higher amounts at the higher tiers. And obviously, things like Umbra Forma should stay as a high tier reward. But it's completely stupid, ridiculous and borderline sadistic to make me grind through Tiers that offer rewards I don't care for. At least with the previous alert system, I only did a mission if I wanted the reward. Now I'm being FORCED to go through DOZENS of mission in order to earn enough rep to get high enough Tier rating to get the cred that I need to purchase the items this system is supposed to replace. I NEED Nitain Extract. Before, it was just a pain in the ass to get, but I was assured that there would be 4 alerts sometime during the day that offered it as a reward. As it stands now, I've done all but 4 of the new rep missions for Nightwave and I STILL don't have enough rep to get ANY wolf cred to obtain even ONE Nitain Extract. This is WRONG. My perfect example is still Nitain Extract. I need a bunch of it to build my Nekros Prime. Before, I was at least guaranteed that there was a chance to get 4 of them PER DAY. I need 5 to build Nekros. So it would have taken no more than a couple of days, if I stayed logged in and paying attention for the alerts (which I was doing) But with the NEW system, I have to do MISSION AFTER MISSION AFTER MISSION in order to rank up rep with Nightwave not to Tier 1, not to Tier 2, but all the way to Tier 3, that's 30,000 REP JUST to have my first chance at getting the stupid wolf cred so I can buy the Nitain Extract. And it's taking me FAR more than 2 days to get the stupid rep, especially since the daily's aren't resetting, some missions don't give enough rep that they should. (since when does a Tridelon hunt only count for 5k?) And the stupid "spys" are only worth 50 rep each. So even looking for and killing/capturing them isn't worth it. This system NEEDS to be re-worked. I don't give a damn about glyphs or the crap I've earned at Tier 1 and 2. I WANT THE CRED SO I CAN BUY THE NITAIN I ***NEED***. You removed a horrible but WORKING system to gain Nitain Extract and replaced it with a system that is completely broken and has made it near impossible for me to get my nitain. I'll say it again. The Tier system should work the same way it does for Syndicates. When you reach the next Tier, you're given a choice of 3 rewards and ONE of those rewards is cred. Say 5 cred for Tier 1, 10 cred for Tier 2, or whatever. Even at those low numbers, I would have the 15 cred I need to buy 5 Nitain Extract. The current system is pissing me off even more than the 4/day pain-in-the-ass system for Nitain that existed before. The biggest problem is that they have removed CHOICE. The current "Tier" system FORCES me to gain enough rep to get Tier 1 and get a stupid Sigil (that I don't care about) and then rank up again to Tier 2 so I can get a stupid Glyph pack (that I also don't care about) and then force me to do enough missions and gain enough rep to get a THIRD tier where I can FINALLY get the cred that is SUPPOSED to be the key to replacing the original alert system. EVERYTHING from the original alerts system is now tied up in creds. And creds are currently only earned in sets of 50 at Tiers 3, 6, 12, 16, 20, 24. Why the jump from Tier 6 to Tier 12 is baffling me even more. So if I want helmets/Nitain/etc that costs 175 cred in total, I need to do DOZENS of missions in order to get enough Tiers and cred in order to buy them. Before, I would only have to do THREE missions. Once for each item I was interested in. See the problem here??? They're forcing me to do missions I don't want to do (and tons of them) to gain rep to get items I don't care about, to FINALLY get cred (but only every once in a while) Cred should be gained either at every Tier or with EVERY mission you do successfully. Make it 5 or 10 cred per mission. And THEN throw in the bundles of 50 cred at Tier 3, 6, 12, etc. Right now, the system is a WAY WORSE grind than it was before. I understand the grind, I accept the grind, but they just EXPONENTIALLY increased the grind for the SAME ITEMS as before. That's NOT right. What sucks the most is that I don't think DE is really listening. They at least listened to someone and at least increased the number of missions and took out the "friend/clan" requirement on the daily sortie mission, but then added it to the survival mission. And I'm sorry, but doing a Tridolon hunt should have been worth 15k not 5k. There may be some super players than can do 4-5 Tridolon hunts a day, but for us "normies", doing a Tridolon hunt at all isn't an easy ask. ~Z (I know this post has a bit of redundancy, it's a mash-up of posts I made in a dedicated thread I started elsewhere but I just don't think DE is listening....)
  7. I was looking forward to playing this soon as I got home. I started the "update" just after 4 PM PST. It's now 7:34 PM and the update is only 18% done???!!!! It's only downloading at less than 133kb/sec when I have a 110GB/sec connection with NOTHING else on my network. I even restarted my PC to try and see if it would help. It hasn't. What the hell is going on with this download speed? At this rate, I won't even get to play the damn game tonight.
  8. The system in concept is great but the execution leaves a lot to be fixed. First, there needs to be at least DOUBLE the number of ways to gain rep, especially for solo players. Second, I shouldn't have to rep my way past a noggle I don't care about to get another 50 cred I need to buy the item I'm working for. That entire top tier system is messed up. I agree with needing higher rep for higher rewards, but I should be able to CHOOSE my reward, not have to cycle through the damn things having to earn 10k or more rep each time for an item I neither want/need. This system FORCES us to go through dozens of missions to earn rep just to cycle through to the tier reward we WANT. At least with the old alert system, I could CHOOSE when I wanted to go on a mission to get a specific reward. The new system FORCES me into dozens of missions in order to gain enough rep to cycle through to the tier reward I actually want. Here's the way I think the Tier system SHOULD work. At each Tier, there would be a set of say 4 items for me to choose from. WIth higher rewards still requiring a higher tier. But at Tier 3 or 4 I should be able to choose from 3 Forma, 50 cred, 20k Kuva or a Noggle.
  9. You'd think by this time, they wouldn't still be having problems with the Twitch drops. I didn't get mine either. Was watching the whole time, like always. I got the bloody floof from last time though, which was absolutely useless since I already had 20 of them. This time it's actually something useful and it fails. I liked it better when she screwed up and gave us extras then screwing up and giving us nothing at all.
  10. Now if you guys can get around to fixing the Somachord fragments in Orb Vallis, I'll actually think you care.
  11. Your latest "hotfix" has oddly broken the skin on my orbiter. It shows a completely different skin (that I don't own) for the first 90% of the load time in every transition now. Not sure how the heck you managed to break this fixing the things you listed above.
  13. Now we just need to get them to fix the Orb Vallis Somachord fragments issue and the Toroid drop rate issue.
  14. Now if you can just FIX the Somachord fragments in Orb Vallis problem!!!! You can call it another "bug turned feature" if you want. I don't care what you call it, so long as you FIX it!!!
  15. "Wading upstream" is putting it mildly. They need a jet engine on the back of their boat and an act of God. (or DE dev) Toroid farming is completely broken right now. I've been trying to get 2 Sola Toroids for Garuda since Fortuna launched. And I need a whole other set of 2x3 for Little Duck rep rank, which I'm stuck at right now. The drop rate is abysmal.
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