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  1. It's a really bad news for Warframe players with low end PC. A tons of players will no longer be able to play WF anymore, mostly brazilians, but also people that don't have money to buy a decent PC. Everytime you guys update the graphics it gets even heavy to load, PoE, Cetus, Earth and planets with much detailing and dinamic animation such as grass and snow. I know you guys as a Developer wants to improve the game even more but everytime you guys improve the graphics, tons of players stop playing because their PC can't handle the update. When I joined the community back in November 2018 I though Warframe was a game that gives a chance to everyone to play due x32 and Dx9 compatibility but seems I was wrong. I really hope the best for the game and Devs! Kudos!
  2. Oh well, I hope the best for the game!
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